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After the FAFSA

You’ve submitted your FAFSA and now what?

We’re happy you chose Hennepin Tech! Read through this information and learn how to stay informed about your financial aid status. We’re here to help you along the way so you can focus on your coursework and not worry about what is happening with your financial aid.

The best way to communicate with us is via email: Please keep your email address and other contact information current at all times. And remember to include your HTC Student ID when sending an email to us!

You will be required to use eServices to view your financial aid status.

View Your Financial Aid Status

  • In eServices, select “Financial Aid” from the menu on the left
  • Then select “Financial Aid Application Status” to view your current financial aid status
  • You will either see a Request for Information Letter, called the Tracking Letter, or you will see a short description of the status of your financial aid file:
    • Review status: we need to review your file, allow up to 14 business days for this review
    • EDE Corrections: we are making a change to your FAFSA, allow up to one week for corrections to be processed
    • Letter phase status: we will be updating your account soon with a Tracking Letter, allow 2-3 days for a Tracking Letter to be generated
    • Ready for Packaging: an Award Letter will be generated soon, allow 2-3 days for the Award Letter to be printed
    • Ready for Payment: your file is ready for disbursement of grants and loans (if the loans are Certified) when we disburse financial aid.

Submitting Paperwork
Most students will need to turn in some type of paperwork to our office. It’s possible that we might ask for one thing and then after we receive it, we might ask for something else. Please keep in mind there is a lot of information we need to review and we need to stay in compliance with many federal and state rules and regulations.

Processing Times
Paperwork is typically reviewed within two weeks (10 business days) after we receive it. There are certain times of the year when the processing time is significantly longer.

General Financial Aid Tips at Hennepin Tech

  • Check your eServices account before contacting us
  • Bring a photo ID with you if you’re contacting us in person
  • We cannot release details over the phone because of data privacy laws
  • If you do contact us by phone, have your Student ID number ready and remember we cannot release details about your account
  • The Financial Aid forms are on our website:
  • The Financial Aid forms are not found on eServices
  • Include your Student ID on all forms submitted to our office
  • We WILL NOT make a copy of your documents for you, unless it’s an immigration/citizenship document
  • Check your forms for completeness – incomplete forms will delay processing
  • Forms can be submitted to our offices on both campuses
  • Loans will not be processed before the Award Letter is generated
  • Accept the loans, if wanted, after you have the Award Letter by doing the following:
  • Loans with a status of “Estimated” have not been processed by the school, loans with a status of “Certified” have been processed
  • Keep your contact information current at all times
  • Notify us in writing if you wish to cancel your financial aid file

Important Notes About Registering for Courses and Financial Aid

  • If you do not plan to attend and you already registered for courses, you must cancel your course registration
  • If you fail to cancel your registration (drop your courses) and you do not attend your courses, you are still responsible for payment of tuition and fees
  • Check your course schedule and make changes to your course schedule by logging on to eServices
  • If you’ve been awarded a grant and/or a loan, the payment of your tuition will be deferred until financial aid is disbursed, which is after the term begins
  • When financial aid is disbursed, the financial aid money will be applied towards the tuition/fees amount first, remaining financial aid money is disbursed to the student