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Club Purchasing Process

The club must first get approval from their members and have minutes to verify the approval (including the purpose of the purchase and the dollar amount approved for the purchase) for all purchases made with club funds.

How to Make a Purchase

Plan Head - Allow a Minimum of 10 Business Days to Process Any Purchase.

Complete a Purchase Requisition Form and include a copy of the minutes approving the expenditure and submit them to Student Affairs Division Coordinator for processing.

The advisor will receive a copy of the purchase order when ready. Include the email address of the vendor on the purchase requisition so they receive a copy as well.


Please connect with the Student Affairs Division Coordinator regarding food orders. Purchase requisitions should use US BANK CORP as the vendor. A Request to Incur Special Expense (RAISE) form is also required.

If you will have consistent catering orders, consider creating an open Purchase Order (PO) to use throughout the semester. Be sure to keep track of how much you have spent from the open PO so that you know if you need to increase the funds available.

Supplies / Equipment

All supplies/equipment purchased with Student Club funds must be inventoried by Hennepin Technical College and must remain in the possession of the club and not become the property of an individual or academic program.

Questions regarding purchasing should be directed via the Student Club Advisor to Sheila Sylvander, Student Affairs Division Coordinator, at or at 952-995-1402.

Payment Methods

Purchase Requisition

Used when you want to have a purchase order (PO) created. A PO holds funds in a cost center for a specific purpose to be invoiced/billed.

Direct Pay

Used when you want a check directly sent to a vendor. You only direct pay a vendor for subscriptions and conferences that require prepayment.

Purchasing Card

The Student Affairs Division Coordinator processes any purchasing card purchases. The card will only be used if the vendor does not accept a PO. Purchase requisitions should include US BANK CORP as the vendor.


If an expense has been approved by the club and an advisor or student may be reimbursed for certain expenses. Reimbursement plans must be approved by Student Life and Career Development staff prior to purchases being made. For a student to be reimbursed, a non–employee expense form, along with itemized receipt and minutes approving the expenditure, must be completed, signed by the advisor and Student Life staff. Because we are a tax exempt institution, we are unable to reimburse for sales tax.

Advisor Signature & Cost Center Responsibility

The advisor is the responsible person for the club cost center. All purchases require the advisor’s signature. Student Life staff may fill in on an emergency basis but will require the advisor to approve the signature in the advisor’s absence. Advisors are responsible for ensuring that funds are not overspent or are not spent in any way to violate Hennepin Tech or Minnesota State purchasing procedures.

Contact Information

Phone: 952-995-1617