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Event Planning

Planning in advance will help your event run smoothly. Use the following tools to assist you in planning your event. The following policies should be used as a guide for planning events:

  • Student Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their members, guests, speakers, and performers during events.
  • The sponsoring Student Club must have members, Officers or Advisor(s) accessible throughout the entire event.
  • Federal, state, local laws and ordinances must be followed as well as Hennepin Technical College and Minnesota State policies and procedures.

Reserving Rooms on Campus (advisor only)

To reserve a room on campus, advisors must use the online reservation system Events Scheduling (Virtual EMS). Questions regarding room reservations should be directed via the Student Club Advisor to Amy Regan at or 763-488-2442.

Set-Up Requests (advisor only)

To request set up or other maintenance needs for your event the Student Club Advisor should submit a Maintenance Request online.

Contact Heidi Ricci, Director of Facilities, for login credentials.

Reserve a Table

Submit a table request to reserve a table in the Student Commons area.

Media Requests (advisor only)

To request Media such as music, microphones, projectors, etc. the Student Club Advisor should submit a Media Request available under Information Technology on the employee SharePoint site.

Advertising Your Event

Student Life & Career Development Monthly Flyers

To advertise your event on the Student Life and Career Development Monthly “What’s Happening” Flyers, please submit the date, time, location, and other important event details to at least one month prior to the event. Events not submitted one month prior may not be included on the flyer. Flyers are emailed to students, posted on Student Life and Career Development Social Media, and posted around campus at the beginning of each month.

Posting Policy

Student Clubs may post flyers on designated bulletin boards only.

Emailing All Students

Submit a Student Email Communication Request at least 10 business days before you want the email to be sent. Requests submitted less than 10 business days in advance may not be sent out by requested date.

Hennepin Tech Website

To post an event on the main Hennepin Tech website calendar, Student Club Advisors should contact the Student Affairs Division Coordinator at

Selling Tickets

Ticket sales will not be allowed through a club. Ticket sales must be done through the Campus Store because they have the ability to take in cash and payments, track sales and make regular deposits of any sales into the club cost center.

No executive officer or member should be allowed extra benefits of free tickets or advanced knowledge of ticket sales. All students should have the same opportunity for purchasing tickets. Commitments to sell tickets should not be made. They should always be sold on a first come, first served basis and clearly advertised as such. It should also be clearly advertised where to buy them and who to contact with questions. Share a copy of any advertisement for these types of sales with the following people:

  • Club Advisor
  • Student Life and Career Development Staff
  • Public Safety Desk

To set up sales through the Campus Store, contact Stephen Harper, Director of Student Life and Career Development and be sure to provide all of the information requested to make the process run well.


Student Clubs intending to show films or use video games during an event or public performance, must obtain proper license to do so, even if the film or video is available for check out from the on campus library, or a copy owned by a student. The liability to play a film or video in a public performance is not a legal right that comes with the purchase of an individual copy.

The Federal Copyright Act

Title 17 of United States Code Taverns, restaurants, private clubs, prisons, lodges, factories, summer campus, public libraries, day-care facilities, parks and recreation departments, churches and non-classroom use at schools and colleges are all examples of situations where a public performance license must be obtained.

*This legal requirement applies regardless of whether an admission fee is charged, whether the institution is commercial or nonprofit, or whether a federal or state agency is involved. In order to show a film/video as a public performance, a student group must purchase a Public Performance License for each instance they would like to show the film/video. This can be done by contacting an agency that handles public performance licenses for many different film companies. If license is not available through the agency, the student group will need to contact the film/video creator to obtain license purchasing information.

Penalties of Copyright Infringement

Willful infringement for commercial or financial gain is a federal crime punishable as a misdemeanor, carrying a maximum sentence of up to one year in jail and/or a $100,000 fine. Inadvertent infringers are subject to substantial civil damages, ranging from $500 to $20,000 for each illegal showing.

General Liability Waivers

Hennepin Tech has a general liability waiver for Student Clubs to use any time there is risk involved with an event. Advisors should keep any signed waivers on file for 7 years.

Food for Events

Currently Hennepin Tech does not have an onsite caterer. Adviors should connect with the Student Affairs Division coordinator regarding catering orders.

Contact Information

Phone: 952-995-1617