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Club Fundraising

See Director of Student Life and Career Development for fundraising guidance.


To deposit funds into a club account, complete the club deposit form. Bring the form along with the money to the Campus Store. Be sure the deposit form is completely filled out including the club’s fundraising account cost center and object code. The Student Club Advisor should help as needed. A receipt of the deposit will be provided and should be given to the Treasurer for record keeping.


Monetary donations received for a club should be sent directly to the Hennepin Technical College Campus Store. The funds will be deposited into the Foundation account regardless of whether the check is written out to the Foundation or Hennepin Technical College as long as there is documentation stating the purpose of the donation. For auditing purposes, the donation will be temporarily restricted because it has been designated for a specific purpose.

  1. Deliver/send the check to the Hennepin Technical College Campus Store.
  2. Include a note that says the cost center that the funds should be deposited into when you deliver/send the check.
  3. Finance staff will deposit the check into the Foundation account with a note stating the program and purpose of the donation.
  4. The Finance staff will send a donation thank you letter to the donor that states the amount of the donation, the purpose of the donation, and the program identified to receive the donation.
  5. A check will be cut from the Foundation account and deposited into the club fundraising cost center.
  6. The Student Affairs Division Coordinator will notify the club advisor that the check has been deposited into the program cost center.

In Kind Gifts

  • All in-kind donations will be processed through the Hennepin Tech Foundation.
  • In-kind donations should be recorded online using the In-Kind Donation Form. The link for this form can be found on the Faculty and Staff page of the website under Online Forms
  • The Foundation will send a thank you acknowledgement to the donor.

Public Support

Anytime a club is seeking public support, sponsorship, donations, etc. from anyone outside Hennepin Tech, the group must work with the Hennepin Tech Foundation. Complete the online Public Support Form and send it to the Hennepin Tech Foundation BP campus.

Non-profit Status/Tax Identification

Student Clubs are allowed to use Hennepin Technical College’s Minnesota tax identification number for club purchases. A tax ID number may be used for:

  • Purchases in Minnesota with a sales tax (other than food, lodging & car rentals).
  • Often outside organizations will require the tax identification number.
  • The tax identification number should not be used for personal use.
  • The tax identification number is for college and club purposes only.
  • Sales Tax Exemption Form

Drawings/Games of Chance/Raffles

See Director of Student Life and Career Development for fundraising guidance.

Contact Information

Phone: 952-995-1617