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Student Clubs Overview

Guidelines for Established Student Clubs

Per Hennepin Technical College Policy 2.1, Student Clubs:

  1. Must not discriminate on any basis. This includes race, religion, or national origin, on the basis of sex or any other protected class under the Minnesota Human Rights Act.
  2. Must participate in at least one college/campus planned event annually.
  3. Must participate in at least one service project on campus or externally annually.
  4. Will ensure no individual member profits from any activities affiliated with the club or use approved budgeted funds for any expenses unrelated to club activities.
  5. Follow Minnesota State and Hennepin Tech established purchasing procedures.

Failure to abide by these guidelines and/or Policy 2.1 Student Clubs will result in review and potential loss of Hennepin Technical College club charter.

Achieving & Maintaining Active Status

In order for Student Clubs to be designated active, a Student Club Advisor must complete the following forms:

Student clubs and organizations must submit a monthly online report and to present, when possible, to their respective Student Senate per their bylaws to be shared at the designated meeting. The report is due the last day of each month (September thru April). A club or organization member is encouraged to attend Senate meetings to deliver the report in person. Clubs and organizations are required to submit this report even if the club or organization has not met in a given month. Failure to report to the Student Senate for two consecutive months (September thru April) will result in freezing of the club or organization cost center and the club or organization will not be allowed to request funding for that semester.

To regain funding eligibility, the club or organization must submit missing monthly reports and a plan on how the club or organization will remain current in their reporting status.

Student Club Responsibilities

Student Club Officers will:

  1. Keep the Student Club Advisor informed of what is happening with the club and take the Student Club Advisor’s schedule into consideration when arranging meetings.
  2. Participate with the Student Club Advisor in completing the Annual Recognition and the End of Year Report forms.
  3. Receive email communication from the Student Life Coordinator or Student Affairs Division Coordinator and relay appropriate information to Student Club Members.
  4. Understand and support the policies of Hennepin Technical College.
  5. Understand and follow the budget and purchasing processes established by Hennepin Tech.
  6. Maintain active club status by electing three executive officers with functional responsibilities.
  7. Report club activities to the Student Senate each month.

Relationship to Hennepin Technical College

Student Clubs are affiliated with Hennepin Tech and are responsible for managing their activities in accordance with all college policies and procedures. Student Club Officers and members are not agents of Hennepin Tech and should not represent themselves as such.

Contact Information

Phone: 952-995-1617