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Club Conduct

Hennepin Technical College is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment for students, faculty and staff. Student club behavior that is not consistent with Hennepin Tech policies and procedures is addressed through an educational process that is designed to promote safety and good citizenship, and when necessary, impose appropriate consequences.

Upon recognition or application for recognition by Hennepin Tech, each Student Club becomes responsible for acting in accordance with the provisions of Hennepin Tech policies and procedures and all other applicable college, state and federal policies and standards.

Official action will be taken if the behavior of the members of a Student Club violates policies or procedures and/or interferes with Hennepin Tech’s educational purpose.


Hazing, which includes any form of mental, physical, or emotional harassment, degradation, intimidation or harm, is strictly prohibited. Student Clubs found to be incorporating any form of hazing activities into their recruitment, new member or ongoing organizational activities will face appropriate sanctions for violation of campus, local, and state policy and/or law.


Hennepin Technical College prohibits the use of alcohol and other substances as part of club, group, and organizational activities.


As a condition of recognition with Hennepin Technical College, all Student Clubs must comply with Affirmative Action policies, including Title IX.


Possession of firearms or other weapons or devices while on college property or at college sponsored or supervised activities are prohibited except possession specifically authorized by Hennepin Technical College. Firearms and other weapons or devices include but are not limited to: pistols; rifles; air guns; shotguns; ammunition; incendiary devices; smoke devices; knives; explosives; bows and arrows; or chemical agents.

Contact Information

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