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When will I receive my financial aid money?Financial Aid is disbursed several weeks after the start of the semester and then every week after that.  For the first disbursement date, please view the HTC Calendar.View
When will I receive my Certificate?Certificates/Diplomas are sent to students approximately 10 weeks after graduation.

When will I get my Financial Aid?
Disbursements are made twice a week after the first disbursement for the semester.
Financial Aid Calendar

If you do not have direct deposit set up, you will receive a paper check in the mail. You are responsible for keeping your mailing address and bank account information current, if applicable. 

Verify your mailing address through e-Services and select "Account Management" from the menu on the left.
When will grades be posted and where do I look?
You can check your grades through e-Services directly from the main page of the HTC website.  Grades should be posted within 3 business days of the semester end.

When is graduation?
Visit the Graduation page for information about graduation.
When can I register for courses?Please view Registration & Records for Registration Dates.View
When can I register for classes?                                                               
Please view the Registration Calendar
Please view the HTC Calendar
When can I purchase my textbooks?
Books for classes can be purchased either online or at the HTC Bookstore.

Figuring out which books to purchase is easy! You will need a copy of your schedule and a Student ID in order to purchase your books.  Look at the Subject # of the course you are taking (ex Accounting 1101--ACCT1101), the Subject # is ACCT1101. If you are in the Bookstore go to the ACCT section to find your books. If you are ordering online, follow the instructions.  You can either pick them up at the bookstore or have them sent to you for a nominal fee. Some textbooks may also be rented for the semester.
When are your CNA test dates?

CNA Test Dates are listed under the subject of Practical Nursing.

Continuing Education may also have a Nursing Assistant Skills Refresher course available

When are book charges for Spring semesterFinancial Aid CalendarView