The Office of Equity and Inclusion provides strategic diversity planning, training, and program development to impact employee and student diversity, student success, and campus diversity climate at Hennepin Technical College.  As part of the college’s strategic direction for equity and inclusion, our work focuses on being intentional about providing access, removing barriers, and developing strategies for the success of individuals from historically under-represented populations.  Our vision is to create an educational and work environment where individuals are embraced and respected for their cultural diversity, and are fully engaged as contributing members of the campus community. 

Programs and services include:

  • Strategic diversity planning
  • Cultural competency training
  • Co-curricular programming
  • Community Engagement
  • Policy and compliance

HTC Diversity Plan and Affirmative Action Plan college-wide goals include:

  • Increase employee diversity
  • Increase student diversity
  • Improve Student Success and Completion Rates
  • Improve Campus Diversity Climate



Jean Maierhofer, Associate Vice President of Equity and Inclusion