Wordworking Technology
  • Class Time: Day and Evening
  • Semester: Fall or Spring Semester
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park Campus
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The time honored tradition of training individuals for the professional cabinetmaking trade continues at Hennepin Technical College. Our program was established to ensure that skilled people remain available for the professional woodworking industry in and around the state of Minnesota. Our curriculum focuses on the many aspects of the woodworking trade by providing hands-on experiences with wood joinery, materials, product development, layout systems, machining techniques, residential and architectural product construction, wood finishing, and furniture construction. Threaded throughout the whole program are the concepts of quality, accuracy, and attention to detail that have been handed down from one professional cabinetmaker to another through generations.

Skills Required

There are no special requirements to enter the cabinetmaking program. Students that have a good set of basic math skills and spatial skills do well in the program. Cabinetmaking requires a person to be able to move materials and cabinets around in a shop environment. Much of the work done at school and in the cabinetmaking industry require a person to work as a team member.

Job Outlook

The manufacture of wood products, from a local natural resource, has always been very strong. People have always treasured and desired goods made from wood. Preparing oneself to compete in a global manufacturing environment will ensure a good economic future. Iseek projects an 11% growth in cabinetmaking jobs in Minnesota. Currently, there are 4317 workers in the cabinetmaking industry in Minnesota; 13% of these workers are self-employed.

Possible job titles include: Cabinetmaker, CNC Operator, CNC Programmer, Plastic Laminator, Finisher, Wood Machinist, Millworker, Solid Surface Fabricator, Cabinet Installer.

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