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The courses offered by the Hennepin Tech Arts Department expose students to the ideas, practices, and expressions of artists ranging from art history to contemporary art. Course work focuses on the research and analysis of artworks, encompassing masterpieces from the Western canon, global art, traditional crafts, design, and the students’ own creations. Through this process of analytical and creative thinking, students strengthen critical skills and develop visual literacy, communication, and personal expression.


  • "Reading everybody's discussion posts is cool because you get to see things from many different points of views. I am always catching myself saying, "wow I never thought of it like that."

  • "I enjoy the subject of the class. The history of design is sometimes very difficult to define and explain. Even this class touches on just a fraction of it since it really focuses on Western design."

  • "I like the fact that I don't have to drive to school for this class every week. It's nice to be able to get all the work done out of my home. I also enjoy the discussion postings every week. "

  • "I like that the discussion topics are thought provoking and really create a good, adult dialogue between students."