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Career Development


Career Development courses provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in college. Here are a few of the courses offered:

  • CCDS 1000 College Success Seminar
    This 1 credit course is essential for any successful college career!
  • CCDS 1020 Interviewing Skills
    Preparing for a job interview could very well be one of the most important moments of a career search. This course will help students sharpen interviewing skills such as open-ended questioning, active listening, and reading body language - all essential in a variety of interview situations. Just a little preparation and thought ahead of time can have wondrous effects on interviewing skills. This course will provide an in-depth analysis of the interviewing process. (Prereq: Qualifying score on writing assessment test OR ENGL0930, qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0921, and successful completion of CCSD1040 strongly recommended) (BP/EP)
  • CCDS 1040 Job Seeking Skills
    Finding a job is one of the most difficult tasks we ever face. Research shows people may change careers from three to nine times during their working lifetime. Students will learn the skills necessary to explore the job market, create a salable resume and application letter, and present one`s self effectively in an interview. (Prereq: None) (BP/EP)
  • CCDS 1100 Student Success
    This course is designed to help students identify and develop necessary strategies to enhance life skills and college success. Focused topics will include overcoming barriers to success; study skills, such as time management and note-taking; learning styles; college expectations and resources; money management; career exploration; and maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health. (Prereq: None) (BP/EP)
  • CCDS 1500 Individualized Studies Degree Planning
    This course is intended for students who want to design an educational plan that is flexible and individualized. Special attention is given to assessment techniques, identification of learning goals, career development theory, and Hennepin Technical College Individualized Studies policies and procedures. This course is required for students who seek admission to the Individualized Studies degree program. (Prereq: None) (BP/EP)