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The math department at Hennepin Technical College provides coursework that students can apply in their daily lives, program areas, and careers. In addition to learning specific math skills, students learn concentration, analysis of information, determining the effectiveness of a plan, troubleshooting, attention to detail, and persistence which are all vital skills to technical careers. Graduates with solid math skills get hired and promoted in technical fields because employers are seeking applicants who can analyze effectively, problem solve, and think abstractly.


  • "I love how I was being respected by my instructor and peers. I was comfortable in class. My instructor made me feel like a real person. She took her time to explain and teach well."
  • "I really liked the class. I enjoy math and understood everything well. Teacher was very knowledgeable about the subject and presented the material very well. I never felt lost or confused about any of the material."
  • "The teacher explained everything as simple as he could which helped a lot, very organized, detailed lectures. The Math Lab that he used was extremely helpful in understanding math problems. I have never done so well in a math class in my life, the class and teacher were great. I would change nothing about it."
  • "I enjoyed the review of the sections and the classroom time – it especially helped math click with me when the professor would explain the process of getting to the answer in different ways. Professor made it fun to learn math."