Psychology Department


  • "I enjoyed the lectures by the instructor because she made it easy to understand the various topics."

  • "I really enjoyed the classroom discussions. It helped me to understand the concepts better and it was helpful to hear other people’s thoughts and perspectives."

  • "I like everything about this course because it touched every basic of life."

  • "Loved the class. Learned a lot. Will be able to use what I learned and use it in my job and career. Like the group work – it was easily done and everyone had a part in what went into the group, everyone had a voice and all opinions were listened to."

  • "The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and experienced at the subject matter. She understands the subject and made the course very practical. Technical colleges are about practicality people come here to learn and apply or work. This course makes you ready."

The courses offered by the HTC Psychology Department provide students with an understanding of the science behind human and animal behaviors and mental processes.  Students explore historical and contemporary theories and techniques to understand and gain the skills necessary to improve personal and professional functioning and life satisfaction.


Tawnda Bickford