Interactive Design Video
  • Class Time: Day and Evening
  • Semester: Fall or Spring Semester
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park Campus
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Creativity. Technical skills. Put them together and be prepared for a career in the media communications field. At HTC, you'll cover everything from the basic concepts of dynamic visual media to specific skills you'll need on the job.

The new Animation & Motion Graphics Artist Degree will prepare you to create exciting animations for film, video, the web, and games. The Video Production Specialist Degree includes all aspects of video production including scriptwriting, shooting/lighting, linear and non-linear editing. The Interactive Designer Degree focuses on the production of rich and interactive media for the web, e-Learning, mobile, and games using HTML5 technologies. The Media Producer certificate provides technical experience in the operation of media presentation and production equipment. When you start here, you'll be ready to design a successful career.

Skills Required

Students must demonstrate computer proficiency by passing the Macintosh or Windows evaluation before enrolling in program technical courses.

Job Outlook

Animator & Multi-Media Artist

Most of the growth in this occupation will occur in the movie and video industries. Animators and artists are needed to work on video games, and movie and television special effects. They are also needed to work on 3D animated movies. In addition, growth will occur due to an increasing need for computer graphics in the growing number of mobile technologies.

Competition for jobs will be strong. This is especially true in the movie and video industry. The number of people who apply for openings is usually greater than the number of jobs available.

About 60 percent of animators and multi-media artists are self-employed.

Film & Video Editors

This occupation is attractive to many people because of its perceived glamour. Thus there will be a lot of competition for jobs.  American films are in demand all over the world, so film companies will continue to produce as many films as possible.  In addition, cable television stations are also creating their own movies.  Both of these factors should contribute to a need for film and video editors. 

Current job outlook information obtained from http://www.iseek.org.

Possible job titles include: Designer, Developer, Producer, Editor, Production Assistant, Grip, Animator, Multimedia Artist, Interactive Designer, Front End Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer

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