Mohamad Ameerally


“I always had a passion for working on cars and I was good at it, so I thought I should get formal training,” says Mohamad Ameerally in explaining why he chose the Automotive Technology program at Hennepin Technical College. In fact, he was so serious about his training that he completed examinations to be certified as a master technician through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence at the same time he was taking classes at HTC. He knew it would make a difference in the future. And he was right.

In August 2007, just three months after graduating from HTC, Ameerally opened Madina’s Automotive in Minneapolis. However, with the economy beginning to falter, it was a tough time to start a business. Ameerally relied on his automotive skills and a focus on customer service to keep his business going during the economic downturn. In August 2013, Madina’s Automotive will celebrate six years in business, an anniversary not every small business gets to observe.  

“Before college, I had experience, but when I talked to dealerships about jobs, they were looking for what certifications a person has,” says Ameerally. Realizing he needed training, Ameerally admits that at first wondered if going to college as an adult was the right decision.

“I thought, ‘Do I really want to go to college with 19-year-olds when I’m twice their age?’ But then I thought, ‘I know I can do it. I am going to do it,’” Ameerally recalls. Thinking about it now, he realizes that his maturity was actually an advantage: He knew what he wanted to accomplish and he was determined to focus on achieving his dream. He credits his wife, Tara, and three daughters – Nadira, Shelly, and Madina, for whom the shop is named – for the great support system they provided while he was a student. 

Mohamad Ameerally

“I love a lot about the college,” says Ameerally, who came to the United States from Guyana, South America 19 years ago. “The instructors are great and very informative.” With classroom and hands-on experience, HTC’s in-depth approach to training was especially helpful as Ameerally studied for ASE certification. Aside from the technical skills he gained, Ameerally also appreciates the English, math, and communications classes he completed at HTC. He believes that the college’s approach to training has helped him as a business owner. Since building business is part of his job, Ameerally likes to invite people to visit Madina’s Automotive on Facebook.   

“College improved my life by 100 percent,” Ameerally says with enthusiasm. “Now I can do so much more.”

For Mohamad Ameerally, it’s all about offering customers automotive excellence as he puts his training to work every day. For him, a world of opportunity opened when he walked into Hennepin Technical College.

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