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2019 Skills USA Minnesota State Leadership and Skill Conference Awards


The 2019 Skills USA Minnesota State Leadership and Skill Conference Awards were held on the weekend of April 12 – 14 at the Hilton DoubleTree in Bloomington, MN. Each spring, over 300 business and industry leaders gather and present almost 70 skill and leadership contest awards. These are entry-level, hands-on skill contests, evaluated by the same industry leaders who prepare them. The competitions are based on industry driven occupational skill standards.  Industry partners donate thousands of dollars in prizes in the form of scholarships, tools, reference manuals and training aids for individual winners and their schools. First place winners from each division in most contests will be offered the opportunity to go on to a national level competition.

This year, there was stiff competition from other surrounding colleges such as, Dunwoody College of Technology, Saint Paul College, Anoka Technical College, Dakota County Technical College, and others but Hennepin Technical College walked away with 4 Gold Medal and 6 Silver Medal winners.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all of the HTC students that participated. Below is a list of the Gold and Silver Medal winners.

Gold Medalists

  • Angila Aldrich-Bates       Web Design Team
  • Shelby Janikowski           Web Design Team
  • Ander Hillebregt              Cabinetmaking
  • Kelly Siegienski               Advertising Design

Silver Medalists

  • Simon Wothe                  Cabinetmaking
  • Emily Januszewski       T-Shirt Design
  • Isaiah Kallas                  Automotive Service Technology
  • Andrew Ringate            Advertising Design
  • Johnny Philavanh        Job Interview
  • Johnny Philavanh        Safety

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