Our instructors are professionals in their field, with real work experience.

Dedicated to delivering industry standard instruction and training, our instructors include the following professionals:*

Caren Abdelaal Image

Caren Abdelaal has more than 20 years of experience teaching English and working with multi-cultural individuals through her ESL teaching and tutoring in various organizations and businesses as well as through cultural projects and educational programs. She enjoys the variety and challenges of working in a cross-cultural setting and looks for opportunities to expand her knowledge and experience in cross-cultural communication and English as an international language. As an Occupational English instructor and trainer in the Customized Training Services department at Hennepin Technical College, Caren conducts workplace assessments, develops materials and provides instruction in Workplace English for a variety of business customers.

“The Midwest Culture Exchange is one of my favorite workshops because the international students are so interested in learning about the culture they are experiencing as well as sharing their culture with others. We are able to introduce new cultural concepts, ways of interpreting the behavior they see, and tools for understanding Americans and dealing with cultural conflict. They also love to tell about where they come from, so a real cultural dialogue begins in the Midwest Culture Exchange. After the workshop is finished, the participants have made new friends as well as gained insight into the culture of the U.S. Many of them take both weekends and other courses from HTC, so they form close relationships that last after the course finishes. For me, it’s the highlight of the semester!”


  • Midwest Culture Exchange
  • Diversity, Culture & Language
  • Experience Minnesota: Immigration and Minneapolis
  • TOEFL Prep
  • TESOL Prep
  • ESL Business English

Dave Eisenreich Image

Dave Eisenreich has 33 years hospitality experience as cook, sous chef, and chef. He continues his industry involvement as an on call chef for two caterers and as personal chef. During his 10 years at HTC, Dave has taught Introductory courses in baking, (Garde Manger, Cooking Principles, Sanitation, Culinary Math), purchasing and cost control, menu planning, human relations management, decorative works and showpiece, global cuisine, fundamentals of wine, cooking with ale and lager, bar and beverage, management and catering management. Representing Hennepin Technical College, Dave was nominated for Award of Excellence in 2006 and Chef of the Year 2008 by the American Culinary Federation, Minneapolis Chapter. Personal interests include international travel, bicycling and catering.


  • Catering Fundamentals
  • Food Manager Certification Training
  • Food Manager Re-Certification


Lalith Galagedera, PE, MSCE, M. ASCE

Lalith has many leadership attributes a diverse group of professionals seek in a technically oriented college environment. He is an exceptionally savvy individual whose contributions have lifted both business enterprises as well as personnel empowerment in evolving industries. Lalith knows A/E/C Industry well.

He is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.), in the State of Minnesota, holds a Master’s Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering from Virginia Tech, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from West Virginia University Institute of Technology, with over 7 yrs. serving WV Department of Transportation, and 19 yrs. in the private consulting industry, serving 3 of the TOP 10 ENR 500 Firms.

His experience includes holding positions as Vice President, Regional Manager, Project Director, Corporate Director of Client Development, Business Development Manager, Senior Project Manager, Investigator, Project Manager, Research Engineer and Project Engineer. His assignments include research, quality assurance, project management, collaboration, marketing, business development, and client interaction.

Lalith is respectful to diverse philosophies of other professionals and always open to new ideas. He is a driver of PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT and TEAM SUCCESS and a passionate promoter of “How to obtain higher level of performance at work.” His unique nature is evident from his own contributions to the industries he serves and accomplishments at professional level.

John Lindstrom Image

John Lindstrom had been involved with HTC in one capacity or another for most of his many careers. Graduating from HTC with a degree in Architectural Mechanical Drafting in 1976, John partially credits designing sprinkler systems as a draftsman, for piquing his interest in fire prevention and industrial safety. At 21, while working as a mechanical drafter, John signed on to be a volunteer firefighter in St. Louis Park, and discovered he liked it so much that he switched careers. After receiving his training from the HTC fire protection program he became a full-time firefighter in 1979, eventually becoming a Fire Investigator and Fire Marshall. Believing passionately that industrial safety training for businesses and employees is the best prevention for fires and accidents, John became an adjunct Industrial Safety Instructor at HTC. He now uses his in-depth fire and rescue knowledge to design industrial safety training solutions for businesses, companies and industry.
“My HTC training came full circle” John recalls, “As a Fire Marshall I inspected sprinkler systems, and because of my HTC training, I could read and understand the diagrams, allowing me to better judge their safety capabilities.”
“I visit a site, evaluate their needs and then design a safety training program specifically for them” John explains
“I love my job... I don’t know of any other position that has such a wide variety... I do something different everyday.”


  • Industrial and Environmental Health & Safety Training
  • Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS/Drone) Ground School


Fonda Stewart-Calvert Image

Fonda Stewart-Calvert

In the spring of 2009, Fonda Stewart-Calvert was in the market for a new job and looking for opportunities to use her skill set in a way that would be beneficial to others.

Fortunately, she now teaches computer applications classes to other displaced workers who are looking to brush up on their computer skills or learn new software.

“The classes offered through HTC continuing education are ideal for the adult learner who doesn’t have time to commit to a full semester of learning,” says Stewart-Calvert. “They’re also perfect for the ‘self-taught’ user, who learned just enough to use the tool to meet job demands, but don’t understand enough about the application to utilize it more effectively.

“I see many different types of learners, and it’s exciting to share my knowledge of the application as well as the ‘tips, tricks and shortcuts’ that can make using the application so much easier. Many of my students have commented on how relaxed and informal the setting is and how taking a class with me can be fun as well as a learning situation.

“I try to identify other ways they can use the tools in their personal lives, such as inventorying collections, creating a household budget, even using it to create greeting card lists for holidays and special events.

“The combination of being an instructor and using the tools in my everyday work life gives me a unique perspective on how to get the most out of the software to be effective and efficient in the workplace,” says Stewart-Calvert.


  • Excel - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  • PowerPoint - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Word - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced


Sandra Marks

Sandra Marks Dynamic, resourceful learning and development professional with distinctive interpersonal skills and strong experience and expertise in adult learning theory, instructional design, creative learning techniques and demonstrated competence in partnering with management to deliver learning and development solutions. Experienced in leading enterprise-wide training initiatives. Highly proficient in needs assessment, aligning strategic training solutions with critical business requirements and evaluating outcomes. Strong leader, training partner, collaborator, speaker and facilitator with a consultative style.


  • Communication in the Workplace: Employee Engagement
  • Managing Up
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • Talkin' About Your Generation: Generational Differences in the Workplace
  • The Fine Art of Managing Your Time
  • Treating Your Customers Like Gold


*This is a select list, and does not reflect all our current and past Continuing Ed and Customized Training instructors.

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