Do you want to learn how to take your digital photography skills to the next level? We have the solution!

There are 3 essential Continuing education (non-credit) courses to get you up to speed!

Intro to Digital Photography Concepts

In this class you will learn the techniques that will help you strengthen your image quality and create professional looking photos. Topics covered will include lens types and use, depth of field, understanding properties of light and their impact on the photo, qualities of digital photos, proper exposure techniques, composition rules and lighting set ups. Students will learn and practice flash techniques and natural light modification methods that will bring their photos to the next level. Understanding and the application of RAW image files and other file formats will be covered. Students will also become familiar with elements of editing workflow and final output/printing from Adobe Lightroom. Time will be devoted to both theory and practice/image critique.

DSLR Essentials

This in-depth class is tailored to DSLR beginners who want to tame their cameras and learn how to take better photos. Students will become familiar with the basics of their digital cameras and get comfortable with the most important functions. Topics covered will include proper exposure techniques, use of aperture and shutter speed, depth of field, light meters, types of lenses, color calibration and white balance, RAW image files and other file formats and the use of memory cards. There will be time devoted to both theory and practicing what we’ve learned.

Fundamentals of Image Editing and Post-Processing

This course will teach you how to take your images to a whole new level. By becoming familiar with the basics of two powerful tools, Lightroom and Photoshop, you will learn the workflow of processing RAW files, organizing and editing your files, image optimization, manipulation and enhancing, color correction, retouching, and finally, digital image output. Final project will focus on an old photo restoration from your family album.

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