This certificate will provide the participant with the entry-level skills and knowledge to perform as a gas metal arc welder (GMAW). There are many employment opportunities available in the following areas: construction, machinery manufacturing, sheet metal industry, and custom job shop.

You can obtain entry level employment by taking the courses that lead to this occupational certificate. Taking additional courses will provide you with the opportunity for job advancement as a welder.

Course Descriptions

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify welding symbols and manipulate fractions, decimals and metric units. Students will be able to convert measurements and determine weld specifications from engineering drawings. Students will also be able to fit-up and weld an assembly or weldment given a bill of materials and a drawing. 3 credits.
This course teaches students identification and MIG welding equipment, joint design, welding terms and safety procedures. Students will learn setup, operation and perform bead, single and multiple pass butt and tee, lap and outside corner welds in the flat, horizontal positions. Students will also identify and describe personal shop and other related safety rules. The students will be required to identify shop and personal safety rules to 100% accuracy. This course will also require identification and performance of wire type and diameter and equipment on 3/16 inch and thicker plate steel. 3 credits.
Students will learn how to produce square groove and fillet butt, lap and T-joint welds in the flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions to the Guided Test Bend standard. Students will also be able to produce single V-groove butt joint welds in the horizontal and vertical position to the Guided Bend Test standard. The effect of shielding gases on metal transfer will be examined. 3 credits.
Students will learn how to produce single V-groove butt joint welds in the vertical up, flat and overhead position. Fillet lap and T-joint welds in the horizontal and vertical down position will be included. Students will also be able to utilize the spray transfer method to produce fillet lap joint welds in the flat and horizontal position and single V-groove welds in the flat position. 3 credits.
In this course you will learn to combine your gas metal arc welding skills to fabricate various types of weldments using proper layout procedures. Complete drawings with welding symbols, bill of materials and cost estimates will also be required. 3 credits.
This course covers the amount of materials necessary for various manufacturing processes. The student will use common problem solving methods and will convert units of measure that are utilized in the manufacturing industry. The student will interpret the geometry of commonly used materials and study their manufacturing application trends. Various methods of material layout will also be practiced along with an introduction to the use of basic welding and cutting equipment. 2 credits.

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