You can use your Student ID Card for:

⇒Access to the Student Computer Labs (required for signing in, printing, copying, etc.)
⇒Access to the Library/IMC resources (required for use of materials, to check out materials and computer use)
⇒Purchasing books at the Bookstore using Financial Aid funds
⇒Referencing it for your Student ID Number for online services at HTC (registering and paying for courses, viewing grades, etc.)
⇒A second form of picture identification
⇒Discounts at various businesses - when you go somewhere, just ask if they offer a student discount!

Replacement fee: Lost or stolen Student ID Cards should be reported to the Tuition Office immediately.  There is a fee of $10.00 to replace the Student ID Card.  There is also a $10.00 fee for a replacement Student ID Card due to a name change.

Refunding the balance on the Student ID Card:  If there is a $5.00 or more balance on the Student ID Card, a refund can be generated at the request of the student. The refund will be mailed by check within fifteen calendar days.

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