A course wait list will be established once a course has filled.

Students are responsible for putting themselves on the wait list by adding the course to their wait list cart in e-services.

Placement on the wait list will be on a first-come basis.

In order for a student to be placed on the wait list, the student must have an active student email account.    IMPORTANT:   Please activate your myHennepinTech email account if you have not already done so.  This is important because all wait list seat opening notifications will be sent to my HennepinTech email accounts only.   If you have questions about activating your myHennepinTech account, please visit the Student Computer Lab.

All wait list notifications will be sent via email and will include changes in position, offer of an open seat, and removal from the wait list.

Once an open seat offer is made, the student will have a predetermined amount of time to accept the offer.

The amount of time allowed to respond will be noted in the email that is sent to the student.

If the student accepts the offer by registering, the student accepts all financial obligations.

If the student does not accept the offer within the specified time frame, the student will automatically be removed from the wait list.

A student may be on multiple wait lists for the same course (different sections).

The course wait list will become inactive the Friday before the term begins.

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