Academic Planning Guides are used to help students choose and register for courses in a specific sequence. If you have any questions, please contact your faculty advisor, an enrollment advisor, or look up your Degree Audit Report in eServices to review your progress in your chosen major.

Current Academic Planning Guides

.NET Programmer: Advanced Technical Certificate
.NET Programmer: AAS Degree
.NET Programmer: Diploma
Accounting: AS Degree
Accounting: AAS Degree
Accounting: Certificate
Accounting Technician: Diploma
Animation and Motion Graphic Artist: AAS Degree
Animation and Motion Graphic Artist: Diploma
Architectural Technology: AAS Degree
Architectural Technology: Diploma
Audio Production Specialist: AAS Degree
Audio Production Specialist: Diploma
Auto Body Technician: AAS Degree
Auto Body Technician: Diploma
AutoCAD Operator: Certificate
Automated Machinery Adjuster: Diploma
Automated Machinery Systems: Diploma
Automation Robotics Engineering Technology: AAS Degree
Automotive Technician: AAS Degree
Automotive Technician: Diploma
Basic Web Technologies: Certificate
Cabinetmaking: AAS Degree
Cabinetmaking: Diploma
Carpentry: Diploma
Child Development: AS Degree
Child Development: AAS Degree
Child Development: Diploma
Cisco Networking: Certificate
CNC Machining for Wood and Plastics: Certificate
CNC Operator: Certificate
CNC Swiss Turning Center Technician: Certificate
CNC Technician - Part-Time & Evening: Diploma
CNC Technician - Part-Time & Evening: AAS
Commercial Heating, Ventilation, AC and Refrigeration: Diploma
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Setup: Certificate
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technician: AAS Degree
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technician: Diploma
Computer Service Desk Technician: Certificate
Controls Engineering Technician: Diploma
Culinary Arts: AAS Degree
Culinary Arts: Diploma
Culinary Assistant: Certificate
Data Analyst: AAS Degree
Data Analyst - Part-Time: AAS
Dental Assistant: AAS Degree
Dental Assistant: Diploma
Desktop Support: AAS Degree
Desktop Support - PartTime: AAS
Desktop Support Specialist: Diploma
Electronics Technology: AAS Degree
Electronics Technology: Diploma
Emergency Medical Services Specialist: Certificate
Emergency Room Technician: Certificate
Engineering CAD Technology (BP): AAS Degree
Engineering CAD Technology (BP): Diploma
Engineering CAD Technology (EP): AAS Degree
Engineering CAD Technology (EP): Diploma
Entrepreneurship: AAS
Entrepreneurship: Occupational Certificate
Event and Meeting Management: AAS
Executive Administrative Professional: AAS Degree
Executive Administrative Professional - Part-Time: AAS
Fire Protection Technician: Diploma
Fire Science Technology: AAS Degree
Fire Suppression Technician: Certificate
Fluid Power Engineering Technician (BP): AAS Degree
Fluid Power Engineering Technician (BP): Diploma
Fluid Power Engineering Technician (EP): AAS Degree
Fluid Power Engineering Technician (EP): Diploma
Food and Beverage Specialies: Certificate
Ford ASSET (Automotive Technology): AAS Degree
General Construction Laborer: Certificate
General Maintenance Technician: Certificate
GMAW Production Welder (MIG): Certificate
Graphic Design - Creative: AAS Degree
Graphic Design - Creative: Diploma
Graphic Design - Production: Diploma
Graphic Design - Web Design: AAS Degree
Graphic Design - Web Design: Diploma
Greenhouse Management Technician: AAS Degree
Greenhouse Production & Professional Floral Design - A: AAS Degree
GTAW Production Welder (TIG): Certificate
Hazardous Materials Technology: Certificate
Health Science (Broad Field): AS Degree
Health Unit Coordinator: Certificate
Heating, Ventilation, AC and Refrigeration: AAS Degree
Industrial Building Engineering and Maintenance: Diploma
Interactive Designer: AAS Degree
Interactive Designer: Diploma
Landscape Design and Construction: AAS Degree
Landscape Design and Construction: Diploma
Landscape/Horticulture: AAS Degree
Landscape/Horticulture: Diploma
Linux Networking: Certificate
Maintenance Light Repair: Certificate
Management: AAS Degree
Manufacturing Engineering Technology: AAS
Manufacturing Technician: Certificate
Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment: AAS Degree
Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment: Diploma
Marketing and Sales: AAS Degree
Mechatronics: Diploma
Media Producer: Certificate
Medical Administrative Assistant: AAS Degree
Medical Administrative Assistant: Diploma
Medical Assistant-FT: AAS Degree FT
Medical Assistant-PT: AAS Degree PT
Medical Coding Specialist (Full-Time): Diploma
Medical Coding Specialist (Part-Time): Diploma
Medical Device - Plastics Technology: Certificate
Medical Receptionist: Certificate
Medium/Heavy Truck Drivetrain Technician: Diploma
Medium/Heavy Truck Maintenance Technician: Diploma
Medium/Heavy Truck Technology: AAS Degree
Microsoft Database Specialist: Certificate
Microsoft Office Applications: Certificate
Motion Graphics: Advanced Technical Certificate
Motorcycle Technician: Certificate
Network Administrator/Analyst: AAS Degree
Network Support Specialist: Diploma
Nursing Station Technician: Diploma
Office Generalist: Certificate
Office Specialist: Certificate
Outboard Technician: Certificate
Pharmacy Technician: Diploma
Pharmacy Technician: AAS
Plastics Engineering Technology: Diploma
Plumbing Technology: Diploma
Power Equipment : Certificate
Practical Nursing: AAS Degree
Practical Nursing: Diploma
Pro/ENGINEER Operator: Certificate
Production Technician for Digital Publishing: Certificate
Professional Sales (Business-to-Business): Certificate
Quality Assurance: Certificate
Residential Heating, Ventilation and AC: Diploma
Residential Heating, Ventilation, and AC-Weekend Students: Diploma
Residential Remodeling and Design: AAS Degree
Safety Coordinator: Certificate
SolidWorks Operator: Certificate
Street, Utility, and Park Maintenance Technician: Certificate
Structural Iron Fabrication and Repair: Certificate
Supervisory Management: Certificate
Tool and Die/Moldmaking : AAS Degree
Tool and Die/Moldmaking : Diploma
Tool and Die/Moldmaking-Part-Time & Evening: AAS
Tool and Die/Moldmaking-Part-Time & Evening: Diploma
Urban Forestry Technician: AAS Degree
Video Production Specialist: AAS Degree
Video Production Specialist: Diploma
Welding: Diploma
Windows Networking: Certificate
Wood Product Engineering: Certificate
Workplace Administrative Assistant: Certificate
Workplace Administrative Professional: Diploma

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