The following policies and procedures are used at the Hennepin Technical College libraries. Please call the library if you have additional questions.


Checking Out Materials

Library items may be checked out to any current student, faculty, or staff with an active student or employee ID card.  Student or Employee ID cards must be presented to check out items as we need to scan the 14-digit library barcode number on the back of your ID card.

Our Textbooks, Laptops, and iPads are considered amenity items and are reserved for Student Use only.  The first time an amenity item is borrowed by a student, the student must sign an Amenity Contract and present a valid, government-issued ID card along with their student ID (see Amenity Checkout Policy below).


Library Fines

General Collection Items:

Late fees are typically not charged for print books, audiobooks, and DVDs (not on reserve). However, the patron will be billed the full replacement cost if an item is not returned.

If/when the billed item is returned, the replacement cost is waived, but the patron will be responsible for paying a non-refundable processing fee.

Amenity Items:

For all Amenity Items ( including laptops, textbooks, course reserves, kindles, iPads), students are charged a late fee of $15/day including Saturdays and Sundays. If an item is not returned within 3 days of the due date, the item is considered stolen and the student will be billed the full replacement cost of the amenity item.

If the item is returned within 30 days, the replacement cost is waived, but the patron will be responsible for paying all accrued late fees and a non-refundable processing fee.  Amenity items are not accepted back after 30 days and the patron will be responsible for all replacement costs.

Please Note: In addition to late fees - whenever a student owes money to the library, an academic hold is placed on their student record. The hold remains in place until all fines/fees are paid in full.

Library fines may be paid at the Tuition Window in the Student Registration area.


Amenity Item Checkout

The library currently loans out the following Amenity Items:

  • Kindles - 3-week checkout
  • iPads -- 2-day checkout
  • Textbooks -- 4-hour checkout
  • Laptops -- 2-day checkout

To checkout Amenity Items, students must sign a contract stating they have read and understand our Amenity Lending Policy.  In addition to the signed contract, they must also present their Student ID card, and an additional valid, government-issued ID (i.e. Driver's license, passport, etc.)

For further details on our Amenity Lending Service, please see the following documents:

- Amenity Lending Policy

- Amenity Checkout Agreement (contract)


Noise and Behavior in the Library

In the library we strive to create an envrionment condusive to quiet academic study.  Noise does carry well in our small library, so to maintain this envrionment we ask our students:

- Please take any cell phone conversations outside the library.

- When working in groups, please keep voices low or request a Group Study Room (see below).

- Please be repectful of everyone using the library, including other students and library staff.


Food and Beverage

Food and open beverages containers are not permitted in the library. Closed beverage containers (i.e. capped water bottles) may be used at study tables, but absolutely NO food or beverage containers are allowed at library computer stations.


Study Rooms

Small Group Study Rooms (2 small rooms)

- Small group study rooms are only available to groups of 2 or more.  (Students wishing to practice a speech or presentation out load may be granted exceptions as availability allows).

- Students may check out small group study rooms for 2 hours and may renew for 1 additional hour if no other parties are waiting.

- These rooms may be reserved 1 day in advance.

- If at least 2 group members are not in the room within 15 minutes of sign up, the student will be asked to leave so the room is available for groups.

- Occupants are to remain in the room.  Leaving personal items (i.e. coats, bags) in the room with a group designates you as part of that group; it does not make you elligible for a longer room checkout even though you were not physically present.  If you vacate the room we will assume you are finished with your session. Any personal items left in the room will be removed.

- All study rooms will remain locked when not in use.

- No food is allowed. Only closed beverages containers (i.e. capped water bottles) are acceptable in the group study rooms.

- These rooms are not soundproof. Noise should be kept to an appropriate level that does not disturb others outside the room.

Library Conference Room (1 large room)

- This room is reserve-able by faculty and staff through the Event Management System.

- Student groups of 5 or more may also reserve this room (min. 24 hour notice) up to one week in advance.

- To reserve the room, students must talk with a library staff member. The library staff member should gather information about what the room will be reserved for, number of people, class/club, etc. and submit a room reservation request for the student.

- If a group is more than 15 minutes late to a reservation, their reservation is forfeited and the room becomes available.

- Student groups of 2 or more will be allowed to use the room when it is not reserved. If the room is not reserved and there are multiple study rooms open when a group requests a room, the small study rooms will be filled first.

- For non-reserved parties, there is a 2 hour time limit which may renewed for 1 additional hour if the room is not reserved and other parties are not waiting. Other policies governing the space will be similar to the small group study rooms (must checkout the room, can be bumped if additional group members don’t show within 15 min, etc.).

- The conference room will remain locked when not in use.

- No food is allowed. Only closed beverages containers (i.e. capped water bottles) are acceptable.

- The conference room is not soundproof. Noise should be kept to an appropriate level that does not disturb others outside the room.

Dry Erase Markers and Erasers are available for checkout at the library circulation desk.


Children in the Library

All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult when in the HTC libraries unless they are enrolled in an HTC program. All supervised children using the library must exhibit appropriate library behavior or the child and adult may be asked to leave the library area.

The library computers are unfiltered.  The accompanying adult is responsible for the child's computer use.  The adult is expected to make sure children are not violating the MnSCU Acceptable Computer Use Policy. Priority for library computers will be given to current HTC students, faculty, and staff.  If a supervised child is using a computer, it should be relinquished immediately if needed by a student, faculty, or staff member.

The library staff may NOT supervise unattended children and are not responsible for their safety. If a child is left unattended in the library, staff will make attempts to locate the parent or guardian.  If they are unable to do so, they will contact Campus Security.

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