• The course gave me the insight I need to be prepared for future job seeking.

  • The attitude in this classroom was very welcoming throughout this course, and her teaching methods allowed me to learn more and leave this class knowing more because I am someone who doesn't learn by taking test after test, I learn by putting my knowledge on paper so that I can see what I remember and what I need to work on.

  • The teacher made sure that all of her students could understand the subject matter even if that meant that she had to repeat herself over and over again! Great job! This course helped to build my confidence in front of people when I am speaking to them.

  • I have to say that this is seriously the best online class I have ever taken at HTC. You have been the most attentive instructor I've had for an online class. You are punctual with feedback and response, and do an amazing job at keeping people informed and are on top of grading assignments quickly. Thank you for making my last class here at HTC such a great experience. 

  • The environment! Everyone was in a positive mood always. Great participation. Wonderful teacher.

  • This class was the kind of class I love coming to, no matter how I am feeling, because my teacher was very nice and teaches me a lot of good things about the community. 




Department Description

The Communication Department of Hennepin Technical College provides
students with the knowledge and tools to competently communicate within
all aspects of their life, with a particular focus on being excellent
global citizens and effective employees.

The full spectrum of course offerings provide students the necessary
instruction to advance and grow personally and professionally.  Students
are given the opportunity to advance  their academic goals on a career
ladder of options from certificate to degree-seeking status. Classes
cover topics from finding and obtaining jobs, to learning about how to
create, maintain and sustain interpersonal relationships; they cover working in
small groups, speaking in public, and learning how to apply knowledge of
culture into service learning. The Communications Department offers an
education to any student or community member.  Courses offered include:


Links to these course descriptions may be found to your right.

The faculty in the Communication Department are diverse in their
academic training and background, yet offer similar experiences in the
theoretical and practical applications of communication disciplines.
The faculty in Communication are noted for their quality instruction and
dynamic approaches to fostering student learning.

Full Time Faculty

Part Time Faculty

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