Purpose of the General Education Advisory Committee

The purpose of the General Education Advisory Committee (GEAC) is to provide ongoing evaluation, consultation, and advice concerning the contribution and support of general education courses to the technical programs in the college and community employers.

The role of the individual members is to advise, assist, support, and advocate the general education program.  The General Education Advisory Committee provides:

  • Validation of content
  • Assessment of program quality
  • Unique education/training experiences
  • Credibility
  • Assistance in adapting skill standards for local needs

Advisory committees make recommendations and suggestions.  However, the authority for establishing requirements in respect to college affairs rests legally with the Board of Education, conforming to federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations.  All recommendations should be submitted as a part of the official committee records.  These recommendations will be reviewed by the staff and administration, and an appropriate reply will be given to the committee.

Advisory committees should be aware that at times the college cannot adopt in full, or sometimes even in part, the recommendations of the committee.  Financial restrictions, physical building limitations, and other difficulties may necessitate delay or enactment of committee recommendations.


Advisory committees meet two times a year.  Additional meetings may be called by the chairperson at the request of the college staff or an advisory member. 


For more information please contact Linda Davis.



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