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Student Profile: Patrick Monthe

Patrick Monthe


Even as a child in Central African country of Cameroon, Patrick Monthe knew he wanted to attend a university and become an engineer. That dream began to come true when he immigrated to Minnesota and began studying for a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. But by the time he’d completed his junior year, he felt that something was seriously missing from his education: hands-on training.

“I saw lots of engineers who were finishing school who were great with theory but horrible at practical aspects of engineering,” he said. “I wanted to understand both the theory and the hands-on aspects.”

A friend and co-worker told him about the programs offered by Hennepin Tech, and in 2014 he enrolled in the Fluid Power program. He plans to graduate at the end of 2016, and then he’ll return to his Bachelor’s program. He feels the HTC education is vital to his future as an engineer. “I highly recommend HTC,” he said. “When you go to work after you finish your program, you’ll have a great understanding of your field and you’ll be in demand.” He also notes the value of small class sizes and that the instructors have all had experience in the field. “We’re getting the best knowledge and have access to the latest technology,” he said.


Patrick Monthe


Monthe has his plate full while getting his degree; He’s married with two young children, works for Best Buy’s Geek Squad, and also has an internship. “I don’t sleep!” he said, laughing. That’s one of the reasons he is so grateful to have received a scholarship from HTC in the winter of 2016. In spite of the demands on his time, he has maintained an excellent GPA, as well as demonstrated leadership—he’s the vice president of the Fluid Power Club.

As he sees it, combining the traditional Bachelor’s degree along with the Associate’s will make him highly attractive to future employers. “I could work with hydraulic systems somewhere, at a power plant, for a medical device company like Boston Scientific, or a technology company like Texas Instruments,” he said. “With my HTC degree, I already can see engineering concepts differently and I can adapt to new situations much more quickly.”

He has advice for parents of high school students too, “I see the media focusing so heavily on four-year degrees,” he said. “Parents should not forget about two-year colleges. And not just programs like HTC’s Fluid Power program. All these programs are in demand and lead to great careers. Don’t count them out.”