MN Future Together Grants

Eligible HTC students pursuing degrees in specific high-need career areas will soon have a tuition-free pathway through Minnesota Future Together Grants.

Grants create a tuition-free pathway to a high-need career

The grants, funded by the state of Minnesota with $35 million in American Rescue Plan funds, aim to educate the next generation of front line workers by increasing the number of qualified workers for careers in the areas of:

  • Healthcare: High need programs include nursing and surgical technology
  • STEM: High need programs include web developers and mechanical engineers
  • Business: High need programs include accounting and financial management
  • Industry and technology: High need programs include HVAC technicians, plumbers, construction managers, electricians, electrical line workers and heavy-duty mechanics
  • Education: High need programs include early childhood educators and childcare workers
  • Public service: High need programs include law enforcement officers

When are grants available?

Statewide, the grants will be available for spring 2022.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

The grants are need-based and designed to help students from low- and moderate-income families pay for education at any tribal college or public institution in Minnesota. Eligibility will be determined each semester based on a student’s financial aid profile, with most M State grants averaging up to $5,000.

  • FAFSA and complete financial aid completion is needed to determine eligibility
  • No specific application is needed unless directed by the financial aid office
  • The Financial Aid Office will determine if the students qualify and will be awarded through eServices
  • Students will be notified and directed if additional information is needed


Please contact:

El Langland
Student Financial Counselor
Phone:  763-488-2428

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