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Data Goverance

This charter shall constitute the structure, operation, membership and responsibilities of the Data Governance Overight Steering Teams.


The Data Governance Oversight Steering Teams shall make recommendations and advise the President and Executive Leadership on the policies and procedures associated with college data collection, access, use, and management. Data Governance Oversight Steering Teams will identify, recommend, and guide the strategies, objectives, procedures, and policies necessary to ensure the quality, understanding, security, and effective use of critical data to inform decision-making at HTC. Data Governance Oversight Steering Teams will also record and maintain documentation as related to data standards and serve as a resource in addressing system requests related to institutional data standards.


This dictionary is provided to assist in the interpretation of various reports, documents that will be posted on the Institutional Research (IR) webpage.  This is not meant to be all-inclusive, and the reader is encouraged to seek clarification on any term not understood from the IR office.

HTC Data Dictionary 2019