BASIC WEBPAGE EDITING is the college's front door. It has over six million pageviews a year, can easily be shared and has tremendous impact. If you "don't have time" or ignore the website, you are missing out on the best communication tool of this century.

  • Any website is as good as its content, so make frequent updates and clean it up every now and again to make it better.
  • Keep content simple and easy to understand.
  • If your content doesn't provide added value to a customer, don't include it.
  • Any content should support the college brand, image, impression. If it doesn't, your hurting the brand and image of HTC.
  • Make your content remarkable and unique. No one chooses something because it's like everything else.


Edit a Page

If the address or URL of a page you want to edit looks like the one below and has the word "pages," add "/update/" before the number.

  • change to...
  • Login using your Content Management System (CMS) password

If the address does not look like the above link, navigate to the appropriate section of the website (ABOUT, GETSTARTED, FACULTY, etc.), then click "Admin" in the footer to see a list of pages.


Make a Link

After you login successfully, you will see a series of content boxes.

  • Type what you want your link to be called
  • Highlight the text
  • Click the link icon (see snapshot below)
  • Paste in the destination address or URL
  • Click "save"

Make a link



If you would like to add simple button styling to your link to help it stand out, use one of these button styles.

  • Click anywhere on the link you created in the content box
  • Click the link icon
  • Click the "Advanced" tab (see snapshot below)
  • Add a stylesheet class (see snapshot below)

Making a button

These three basic buttons can be added to the "Stylesheet Classes" field as shown above.

  • btn

Button Example

  • btn btn-primary

Button Example

  • btn btn-primary btn-block

Button Example



You can add a table to easily line up rows of text by clicking on the table tool icon (for example, hours of service works well in a table format.).

Adding a table

Once you have added the number of rows and columns desired in your table, you can also make the table responsive. This will allow the width of the table to adjust to different browser sizes (phone, tablet or computer).

  • Click the table icon to access the Table Properties
  • Choose the number of rows and columns
  • Change the width to 100 percent (see snapshot below)
  • Click save

Making a table responsive

  • If you wish to give your table horizontal grey stripes or a hover effect when the mouse moves over a row, click on the "Advanced" tab. You can then add one or both of the text in the bullets below into the "Stylesheet Classes" field:
    • table-striped
    • table-hover

Table styling



Visit the Image guidelines page for standard image sizes and also steps to making images responsive.

Image Guidelines


Meta Descriptions & Search Engines

Search engines look at what you put into the "Meta Description" and "Unique Document Title" fields. If you leave this empty, odds are no one will be able to find your content through a search.

  • Meta Description: Describe the content on your page using key words you feel a customer might use to find your information. Use plain English and try not to write more than two paragraphs.
  • Unique Document Title: This is almost always the same as the heading of the webpage. Unique Document Title should be unique, so don't title all of your pages the same.


Last Step

Anytime you are editing a webpage, click the save button at the bottom. Make a small edit, click save, then click the back button to keep working on other edits. Doing small changes and saving prevents you from accidentally losing large amounts of work.

  • Save frequently
  • Test everything when you feel your edits are complete
    • Do all the links work?
    • Is everything spelled correctly?
    • Do the images shrink or become responsive when you make the browser a smaller width?

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