SkillsUS Hennepin Tech

Hennepin Tech had a strong showing in the 2016 SkillsUSA Minnesota competition in April: Seven students placed first (gold) in their division and will travel to the national competition in Louisville, KY, in June. Seven placed second (silver), and seven placed third (bronze). If the students moving on to nationals place first there, they’ll have the opportunity to compete at a World competition. The winners are enrolled in HTC programs ranging from Automotive Technology to Cabinetmaking to Culinary Arts to Graphic Design to Child Development—illustrating just how diverse SkillsUSA programs are.

SkillsUSA is a national organization that provides leadership opportunities through educational experiences and teamwork components for people involved in career and technical education programs. Nationally, over 300,000 students are registered; in Minnesota, there are approximately 3,000 students from 32 technical colleges and 50 high schools or cooperative centers.

Skills USA Hennepin Tech Students

The competition aspect of SkillsUSA is broad and covers both “hard” and “soft” skills. “Hard” skills include events in Audio Production, Mechatronics, Cabinetmaking, Plumbing, Electronics Technology, and Welding Fabrication, among many others, while “soft” skills include Prepared Speech, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Quiz Bowls. The opportunities for students to become involved are nearly countless, and with both hard and soft skills needed in the workplace, these kinds of events can help develop leadership and allow students to demonstrate those skills. “It’s a total package of employability skills,” said Andy Thul, SkillsUSA team advisor at the Eden Prairie campus.

Brooklyn Park campus advisor Duane Rasmussen agreed. “They can take this as far as they want to go,” he said. He’s seen students approach the SkillsUSA competition not just for the fun of competing, but because it gives them the opportunity to publicly demonstrate leadership. One student used his competition as a springboard to move on to a four-year school and enroll in ROTC.

Congratulations to these successful SkillsUSA competitors!

First (Gold):
Cabinetmaking - Daniel Norton
T-shirt Design - Ryan Mohler
Advertising Design - Beth Tormanen
Prepared Speech - Johnathan Smith
Ext Speaking - Johnathan Smith
Chapter Display - Dwight Prelip
Chapter Display - Daniel Norton
Chapter Display - Samantha Johnson

Second (Silver):
Job Skill Demo - Mitch Donner
Prepared Speech - Anna Dzyubanyak
Ext Speaking - Anna Dzyubanyak
Quiz Bowl - Samuel Fettig
Quiz Bowl - Jessica Meyer
Quiz Bowl - Nina-Marie Naone
Quiz Bowl - Heather Lansing
Quiz Bowl  - Phanit Phoutthaphaphone

Third (Bronze):
Ext Speech - Sam Brecount
Advertising Design - Stephanie Ervan-Meadoes
Cabinetmaking - Tyler Knobbe
Job Skill Demo - Jessica Meyer
T-Shirt Design - Peter McCain
Digital Cinema - Cody Pratt
Digital Cinema - Casandra Shields

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