• Program: Information Technology/Computer Careers
  • Degree: Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Credits: Total Associate in Applied Science Degree Credits 60
  • Academic Planning Guide:


This degree provides the skills needed to design, manage, troubleshoot and secure a network environment. Platforms include Windows 7 and 8, Windows Server 2008 and 2012, Linux, Cisco and the Internet. Skill development includes data communications, TCP/IP, hardware, software, network operating systems, and security.

Career Opportunities

Positions are available as Network Administrators and Network Developers.

Award Outcomes:

  • Install hardware and software to meet enterprise needs.
  • Perform tasks required of a Windows network administrator.
  • Provide Technical Support for customers.
  • Set up computer networks.
  • Perform preventative maintenance.
  • Demonstrate safe service of system operation.
  • Explain principles of system operation.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 42 Credits
General Education Requirements 12 Credits
  • ENGL2121 Writing and Research 4
  • ENGL2125 Technical Writing 3
  • Choose one of the following:
  • COMM2050 Interpersonal Communication 3
  • COMM2060 Small Group Communication 3
  • COMM2130 Public Speaking 3
  • Choose one of the following: Any course from Goal 2 (Critical Thinking)
    Goal 4 (Mathematical/Logical Reasoning) of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum 3
  • Choose one of the following: Any course from Goal 5 (History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences)
    Goal 9 (Ethics and Civic Responsibility) of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum 3

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 3 Credits
  • Any CCIS course that is not required for this award may be used as an elective. Recommended:
  • CCIS1005 Computer Security Awareness 3
  • CCIS1135 Desktop Linux 3
  • CCIS1301 HTML & CSS 3
  • CCIS1480 CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Exam Prep 1
  • CCIS2385 IT Internship 2 to 8
  • CCIS2680 A+ Software Support 3
  • CCIS2685 A+ Exam Prep 1
General Education Electives 3 Credits
  • Hennepin Technical College‚Äôs 2000-level general education courses meet the guidelines of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

Academic Planning Guide:

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