Students in this Medium/Heavy Truck Drivetrain Technician program will split their learning between the college and industry at a paid internship site. This is a one-year, three-semester course of instruction including: classroom theory, shop demonstrations, and hands-on skill development. Some of the areas of study are: clutch and driveline, manual transmissions, drive axles, mechanical and electronically controlled diesel engines. Diagnosis, repair, and overhaul procedures will be performed on actual vehicles and engines in operating condition. Students entering the Medium/Heavy Truck Technology program must be eligible to obtain a commercial drivers license and be able to pass a DOT (Department of Transportation) physical, drug screening, and background check as a condition of employment for the internship portion of the program. Prerequisite: Graduation from the Medium/Heavy Truck Maintenance Technician program or two years of truck mechanic experience.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities as a skilled maintenance technician are available in truck dealerships, leasing companies, truck fleets, and independent truck repair shops. Electronic diesel engines, transmissions, and ABS brake systems have revolutionized the trucking industry creating a great demand for the skilled truck technician.

Award Outcomes:

  • Repair driveline components.
  • Overhaul truck transmissions.
  • Overhaul diesel engines.
  • Interpret diagnostic tool readings.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 40 Credits
General Education Requirements 0 Credits

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 0 Credits
General Education Electives 4 Credits
  • Any HTC 1000 level
    higher general education course may be used to satisfy the elective requirements.

Academic Planning Guide:

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