• Program: Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment Technology
  • Degree: Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Credits: Total Associate in Applied Science Degree Credits 72
  • Academic Planning Guide:


The Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment Technology degree prepares the student in all areas of the Marine, Motor Sports and Power Equipment as a repair and service technician. A marine/motor sports technician will diagnose, evaluate, estimate repair costs and repair various types of marine, motorcycle, power equipment and small engines.

Career Opportunities

The Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment Technology Associate Associate in Applied Science degree will allow the graduate the opportunities to advance to careers in the major manufacturer’s research and development departments. Service or sales representative positions would be available to a person holding an A.A.S. also. Another possible opportunity would be for a promotion to a supervisory position.

Award Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate ability to measure engine parts.
  • Employ skills and procedures to identify parts.
  • Service fuel Systems.
  • Service ignition systems.
  • Demonstrate troubleshooting and diagnostic skills.
  • Integrate technology into work processes such as scan tolls, service manuals online, etc.
  • Employ safety standards.
  • Service drive systems.
  • Explain air and liquid cooling systems.
  • Integrate customer service and communication skills into repair work.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 54 Credits
  • MMST1100 Introduction to Marine and Motorsport Technology 3
  • MMST1105 Introduction to Engine Theory 3
  • MMST1110 Introduction to Fuel Systems 3
  • MMST1115 Introduction to Electrical Systems 3
  • MMST1120 Introduction to Ignition Systems 3
  • MMST1125 Service Management 3
  • MMST1130 Introduction to Drive Systems 3
  • MMST1145 Trailer Maintenance 3
  • MMST2105 Motorcycle Transmissions and Clutch Service 3
  • MMST2110 Motorcycle Wheels and Suspension 3
  • MMST2126 Marine Lower Unit and Cooling System Service 3
  • MMST2140 Marine Tilt/Trim and Controls 3
  • MMST2175 Power Equipment Drive Systems 3
  • MMST2180 Power Equipment Accessory Maintenance 3
  • MMST2300 Advanced Fuel Systems 3
  • MMST2305 Advanced Electrical Systems 3
  • MMST2310 Engine Overhaul 3
  • MMST2315 Tune Up 3
General Education Requirements 3 Credits
  • Choose three credits of General Education from MnTC Goal Area 2 3

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 3 Credits
  • Any Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment Technology (MMST) course that is not required for this award may be used as an elective. Recommended:
  • MMST2320 Customizing Lab 1 to 3
  • MMST2325 EETC/Advanced Troubleshooting 3
  • MMST2340 Repair and Accessory Lab 3
  • MMST2350 Internship 1 to 3
  • MMST2400 Fuel Injection Systems 3
General Education Electives 12 Credits
  • Choose twelve credits of General Education from any three MnTC Goal Areas 12

Academic Planning Guide:

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