• Program: Emergency Medical Services
  • Degree: Advanced Technical Certificate
  • Credits: Total Advanced Technical Certificate Credits 14
  • Academic Planning Guide:


The Community Paramedic navigates and establishes systems to better serve the citizens of their communities. They help individuals and communities overcome barriers that prevent them from accessing and benefitting from health services. They serve as advocates, facilitators, liaisons, community brokers and resource coordinators. Community Paramedics also trained as direct service providers which will ensure basic and advanced levels of care appropriate to prevention, emergencies, evaluation, triage, disease management, and basic oral and mental health. For additional information, please contact Al Benney at: or 952-995-1333 Prerequisite: Currently certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-P) and have two (2) years of full-time service as an EMT-P, or its part-time equivalent.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities are available in any organization that provides community health care, emergency medical services, and public health.

Award Outcomes:

  • Explain the scope of service for the role of the Community Paramedic (CP).
  • Differentiate between the role of the Community Paramedic, traditional community health care workers and the emergency medical personnel.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills required to perform clinical interventions.
  • Evaluate treatment and referral programs according to policies and protocols.
  • Evaluate the characteristics of health in the community.
  • Identify relevant health and welfare services.
  • Characterize the role of the CP as a liaison between patients, health and welfare service providers and community advocates.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 14 Credits
  • EMSV2001 Role Advocacy and Outreach 3
  • EMSV2005 Community Assessment 2
  • EMSV2011 Care and Prevention Development Strategies 4
  • EMSV2020 Community Paramedic Clinicals 5
General Education Requirements 0 Credits

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 0 Credits
General Education Electives 0 Credits

Academic Planning Guide:

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