• Program: Floral Design Careers
  • Degree: Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Credits: Total Associate in Applied Science Degree Credits 60
  • Academic Planning Guide:


This program is designed for students seeking careers in plant production and floral businesses. This particular degree has a stronger focus on the floral design portion. Course work focuses on floral design as well as greenhouse production. Students will utilize the program greenhouses for the growing of flower crops. Topics covered in this program include basic and advanced floral design, flower shop and greenhouse operations, marketing merchandise, wedding and funeral floral design. Other duties include the growing of and caring for foliage and flowering plants, processing cut flowers and customer service. Some of the qualities desired to be successful include: the ability to work well with others, the desire to be part of a team, manual dexterity, good communication skills, the ability to be a self-starter and the desire to help others.

Career Opportunities

The knowledge and skills learned in this program provide students with the opportunity to work in wholesale and retail floral businesses and in the greenhouse production industry. Typical career positions include: Professional Florist, Floral Designer, Flower Shop Owner or Manager, Garden Center Owner or Manager, Floral Wholesale Sales.

Award Outcomes:

  • Apply care and handling techniques to all floral and plant materials.
  • Identify cut flowers, foliage and greenhouse crops.
  • Design with fresh and permanent materials.
  • Apply plant propagation methods.
  • Maintain Greenhouse crops.
  • Perform basic daily floral shop and greenhouse operations.
  • Display awareness of industry standards (floral and greenhouse) and expectations.
  • Develop plans for a floral business.
  • Demonstrate advanced floral design techniques and styles.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of calculations within the industries.
  • Operate industry equipment properly and efficiently.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 45 Credits
General Education Requirements 9 Credits
  • ENGL2121 Writing and Research 4
  • ENGL2125 Technical Writing 3 Gen Ed
  • Choose one course from MnTC Goal Area 2 (Critical Thinking) 3 Gen Ed
  • Choose one course from MnTC Goal Area 9 (Ethics and Civic Responsibility) 3

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 0 Credits
General Education Electives 6 Credits
  • Hennepin Technical College‚Äôs 2000-level general education courses meet the guidelines of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

Academic Planning Guide:

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