Auto Body Collision Technology

Auto Body Collision Technology



Refinishing Assistants buff cars and trucks, install detail, sand, tape, mix paint and paint small jobs and used cars.

Program Title:
Auto Body Collision Technology

Award Type:
Occupational Certificate

Credits: Total Occupational Certificate Credits 17
Award Outcomes:
  • Solve paint application problems.
  • Apply primer surfacer to paint company and industry standards.

Career Opportunities:
Auto Body Technicians work for automotive dealerships, independent auto shops, government agencies and other organizations that maintain their own fleets of trucks and cars. As a Refinishing Technician`s Assistant the student will work with a Journeyman Painter who will direct the student in the refinish environment. There are also opportunities to be employed as an insurance adjuster, manufacturer`s representative, auto service and sales person or wholesale parts and tool sales person.

Choose Total Occupational Certificate Credits 17 credits from the following areas:
Technical Studies Required: 14 Credits
ABCT1240 Detailing 2
ABCT1255 Environmental Health, Safety and Equipment Preparation for Finishes 4
ABCT1260 Surface Preparing and Finish Application 4
ABCT1265 Tinting and Blending 4
Technical Studies Electives: 3 Credits
ABCT1235 Finish Defects 2
ABCT1250 Auto Body Painting Internship 1-4
ABCT2600 Collision Lab 1-8
General Education Required: 0 Credits
General Education Electives: 0 Credits