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Award TitleAward TypeAward DescriptionProgram TitleAward Outline
Quality AssuranceOccupational CertificateQuality Assurance (QA) will focus on the planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product or service fulfill the goals of the manufacturer and the customer. Students will understand the systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention.Machine Tool TechnologyView
Refinishing Technician AssistantOccupational CertificateRefinishing Assistants buff cars and trucks, install detail, sand, tape, mix paint and paint small jobs and used cars.Auto Body Collision TechnologyView
Residential CabinetryOccupational CertificateThis certificate focuses on the design, layout and construction of both framed and frameless residential cabinetry. Emphasis will be placed on the product design and manufacturing techniques for custom cabinetry. Woodworking TechnologyView
Residential Heating, Ventilation and Air ConditioningDiplomaTrained, highly skilled personnel are needed for the exciting new technological demands of the residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. Independent and critical thinking men and women instilled with troubleshooting and electrical control circuit skills are vital for the future installation and servicing of residential HVAC equipment. Prospective technicians will also master the intricacies of the newest residential energy management controls and indoor air quality equipment.Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and RefrigerationView
Residential Remodeling and DesignAssociate in Applied Science DegreeThe Residential Remodeling and Design program prepares students for a career in the remodeling industry. The program is designed to prepare students to take on a renovation project from start to finish, starting with the initial assessment of the property and preparing an estimate, to choosing proper materials, to the actual renovation process. Professional in this field will make improvements, repairs and renovations to homes in order to improve their aesthetics and increase their monetary value. Some Home Remodeling firms invest in old or damaged houses, renovate them and sell them for profit. Home Remodeling professionals need to ensure that the remodeled homes meet specific building code requirements and pass inspection by an authorized agent to ensure safety.CarpentryView
Safety CoordinatorOccupational CertificateSafety Coordinators are a key position with great responsibility within many organizations. Safety Coordinators can save companies tens of thousands of dollars while protecting their most important asset, their employees. Safety Coordinators are responsible for the health and safety of employees, which includes organizational safety policies, procedures, practices and administrative controls for safety. Safety Coordinators are responsible for employee training and compliance in such areas as hazard recognition and control, industrial hygiene, fire protection, accident investigations, regulatory inspections, and laws, regulations, and standards.Environmental Health and SafetyView
Scientific Injection Molding SpecialistAdvanced Technical CertificateScientific/Decoupled Injection Molding is a strategy of molding from the “plastics point of view”. Process variables vs. plastics variables are revealed for you to develop, validate and document an optimized molding process. This strategy applies to medical, high-performance and critical tolerance injection molded parts. Emphasis will be targeted toward practical setup procedures that will optimize new or existing overall molding cycles. Prerequisite: Graduation from or concurrent enrollment in a 1 year Plastics Manufacturing Technology related program or a minimum of 2 years of related work experience in the field of Injection Molding.Plastics Engineering TechnologyView
SolidWorks OperatorAdvanced Technical CertificateThe SolidWorks Operator Certificate is designed for the person already trained or experienced in a technical field who possesses a solid background in mechanical design and/or machining. The coursework is project based and emphasis will be placed on creating solid models, assemblies, and detail drawings using SolidWorks. Elective courses can be selected to best suit each students special needs and interests. Prerequisite: Graduation from or concurrent enrollment in a 2-year Engineering CAD or machining program or a minimum of 2 years of related work experience.Engineering CAD Technology View
Street, Utility, and Park Maintenance TechnicianOccupational CertificateStudents completing this program will gain the basic skills necessary to work efficiently and safely in a variety of municipal, county and state positions, such as street, utility, and park maintenance.Public WorksView
Structural Iron Fabrication and Repair Occupational CertificateThis program will provide the student with entry-level skills and knowledge to perform fabrication and repair in the following areas: structural iron fabrication, heavy equipment repair, industrial maintenance and precision layout and design.Welding and Metal FabricationView