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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
College Physics IICollege Physics II is a second semester course in which the applications, problems, and experiments are selected to illustrate fundamental principles of physics, and demonstrate the relevance of physics to other areas of interest, such as health-related fields and engineering technology. This course focuses on wave phenomena including sound, electricity and magnetism, geometrical optics, and nuclear physics. Examples of applications will be drawn from areas such as medical imaging, human auditory system, human vision, electrical safety, and nuclear medicine. Everyday technologies and phenomena such as musical acoustics, magnetic and optical recording, home wiring, and power generation will be included.4Qualifying score on math assessment test OR MATH1500 with a grade of C or better and PHYS2005 with a grade of C or betterPHYS2010View
Scientific Injection Molding IIThis course is a continuation of Scientific Injection Molding I and is designed to introduce the student to Scientific/Decoupled molding methodologies and techniques, which are critical in medical and other plastics manufacturing. Students will learn Scientific/Decoupled II molding from the "Plastics Point of View", which includes building and documenting a Scientific/Decoupled II process. The course also includes plastics behavior and the molding machine controls, instrumentation devices used in molding, process documentation worksheets with studies and tests. Students will also apply their learning on interpreting machine and cavity pressure curves, and computerized data acquisition devices. This course utilizes Paulson Training Programs, inc. interactive web-based training.4PLST2240 and Injection Molding certificate or equivalent with instructors approvalPLST2245View
This course has been changed to CBTG2431This course is a study of advanced machine operations in furniture construction techniques. Students will be required to construct a piece of furniture of their own design.4CBTG2421CBTG2430View
Digital Post ProductionIn this advanced course students will build on existing non-linear editing skills. Final Cut Pro, and DVD Studio Pro software will be used to create digital special effects, titles, animation, and audio tracks. Students will learn how to integrate these elements into a finished video production.4MMVP1600 with a grade of C or better, qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT1100 or CPLT1200, or instructor approvalMMVP2600View
Herbaceous Plant MaterialsThis course is designed to give the student a understanding of herbaceous plants. Areas of study include cultural needs of plants, pest problems, bloom period, and design qualities of plants in the landscape. Included in the plant study are annuals, perennials, ferns, and groundcovers.4NoneLNDC1202View
Systems Analysis This course presents a practical approach to systems analysis and design using a blend of traditional development methodologies with current technologies. Students will gain an understanding of the activities involved in all phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle. The course will focus on real-world business systems and will help students to understand how information technology supports operational and business requirements in today’s fast-changing technology environment.4CCIS1000CCIS2801View
XML IIThis is a second course in XML, following XML I. Topics include advanced core XML, XLink, and XPath; XQuery; XSL; XForms; XML signatures; parsing; using XML and XSLT with Java; SOAP; and Web Services.4CCIS2595, CCIS2610 and CCIS2701 or equivalentCCIS2615View
Oracle SQL and PL/SQLThis course offers students an extensive introduction to data server technology. The class covers the concepts of relational databases and the powerful SQL and PL/SQL programming languages. Students are taught to create and maintain database objects and to store, retrieve, and manipulate data. 4CCIS2701CCIS2751View
PHPA course designed for students who want to build dynamic web sites using the PHP and Perl programming languages. Since PHP and Perl are such rich and task-specific languages, the course covers in depth the most important range of functions and equips delegates to understand the remaining less essential aspects.4CCIS1351 and programming experienceCCIS2630View
Production PlanningThis course will introduce the student to the process of evaluating client needs and preparing written production documents for multimedia and video projects.4NoneMMVP1511View