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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
Introduction to RoboticsThis course is designed to allow students to program, setup and operate robots and robotic equipment. Teach pendant and PC programming will be utilized. Integration of robots with machine tools, conveyors and other applications will also be explored.2NoneARET1200View
Specialized LabThis course is designed for students who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in order to become more proficient in specialized areas of the curriculum. Specialized lab content must be different from or beyond the expected skill level available in current course offerings. Students will have the ability to direct their efforts, with instructor approval, in curriculum activities that meet their needs. A `Specialized Lab Training Agreement` must be signed by the student and the instructor and submitted to the registrar at the time of registration.1_to_4Instructor approvalARET1900View
Advanced Automation ControlsThis course is designed for all persons in the field of automation. Students study the operation of single and three-phase motor controls, solid state control devices, application of electric heat, photoelectric devices and other components related to industrial controls. The student will design, wire and troubleshoot electrical circuits using ladder line logic. The course includes three phase power circuits and programming robots used in automated assembly and packaging.4ARET1155ARET2100View
Fluid Power Motion ControlThis course is a study of fundamental principles of fluid power (hydraulic and pneumatic) systems for persons involved with production machine maintenance, automated packaging machinery systems, machine design/drafting, fluid power, machine shop, and C.I.M. engineering and manufacturing technologies. Students will learn using virtual reality 3 D software to build and test circuits on the computer. Next they assemble and test their creations using state of the art trainers in the lab. Setup and troubleshooting of various hydraulic and pneumatic components and functions are discussed using automated machines. This course will cover the characteristics of hazardous wastes and its safe handling, storage, and disposal.2NoneARET2105View
Advanced Programmable Logic ControllersThis course is designed using Allen Bradley PLC's and touch screens. Problem solving and troubleshooting factory controls is stressed. This is accomplished using up to date Rockwell RSLogix, RSLinx, and Panel Builder software. Student will acquire an advanced knowledge of Programmable Logic Controllers and touch screens. Logic concepts, programmable controller program development, I/O configuration and translation from hardware to programmed logic. HMI touch screens and tags are introduced. The student will develop, edit and troubleshoot programs employing a large array of instructions found in typical Automation Robotics Engineering Technology Packaging systems, including logic flow, timers, counters, sequencers, math, and specialty functions. Persons involved with automation including robotics should consider this hands-on course.4ARET1190ARET2110View
Engineering Design and FabricationThis course involves the selection of materials and manufacturing methods for fabricating machinery components. This is accomplished using computer-aided drafting and CNC. It includes sketching, drawing, and machine design. Students will design and build a project using CNC.2NoneARET2150View
InternshipThis course allows the student to gain on-the-job experience in the Packaging and Automation industries. The student is responsible for finding and setting up the internship position. One (1) to four (4) credits can be taken, with each credit requiring 40 hours of time spent on the job. Student performance will be monitored by the instructor and evaluated by the employer. This will be a cooperative training program between Hennepin Technical College and a company. The student will apply competencies learned in the program to an employment-like work experience. Tasks and course goals will be determined by the instructor and the job site supervisor on an individual student basis. All industry internships require you be registered at the college for the internship and have instructor approval.1_to_4Completion of at least 50% of your degree or diploma and instructor approvalARET2181View
FANUC Robotics OperationsDiscover robots and how they are poised to revolutionize manufacturing. This course covers the overall FANUC Spherical Robot Operations. Learners will program, setup and operate the robots and end effector. The FANUC Teach Pendant will be taught & utilized for programming and jogging the robot. This course is intended for an operator, technician, engineer or programmer who may need to setup, modify, record and run a program on a FANUC robot system. Students will set up a specific application, write basic programs, and test them. Upon the successful completion of this course students will be able to take the FANUC Handling Tool certification test. All Manufacturing students including those utilizing CAD/CAM, Electronics, Fluid Power engineering, Machine Design, Packaging of foods, liquids, and medicines would benefit from taking this test.2ARET1200ARET2200View
FANUC Vision SystemsThis course introduces the learner to the new world of machine vision. You will learn basic tasks and procedures required for an operator, technician, engineer or programmer to set up, teach, test, and modify FANUC iRVision using the System R-30iA controller application. Discover how FANUC Vision is a key tool for automatically evaluating parts when compared to the engineering drawings. Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be given an opportunity to take a FANUC iRVision certification test. Students in all areas of Manufacturing, including CAD/CAM, Electronics, Fluid Power Engineering, Machine Design, Packaging of foods, liquids, and medicines would benefit from this course.1ARET1165 and ARET2200ARET2250View
Mechanical Components I Certificate ReviewThis course is a review course for PMMI's (The Association for Packaging Processing Technologies) Mechanical Components I Certificate. This certificate is part of PMMI's Mechatronics Program Certification. The PMMI certificate is an industry recognized stackable credential endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers. This Mechanical Components I review course covers the principles and applications of the most commonly found mechanical drive components as used in packaging machinery and systems. Topics reviewed and expanded on include simple mechanical power transmission devices such as shafts, belts, chains, cams and gears with an emphasis on application and troubleshooting. An understanding of simple mechanical components provides the background necessary to explore more complex systems of components used on all types of packaging equipment. Upon completion of this course and through a unique industry partnership with PMMI, students will be able to take the Mechanical Components I test and have the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized certificate while at Hennepin Technical College. This course is aimed at entry level technicians who may be involved in the assembly, test, startup, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair or upgrade of basic packaging machinery modules. This is a review course and it is assumed the student has taken previous automation courses or has basic knowledge of the topics to be covered.3ARET1125 and ARET1130 or instructor approvalARET2300View