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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
PhotoshopThis course is designed to give the student basic knowledge and understanding of Adobe Photoshop. The student will be introduced to the operation of tools used in Photoshop. Also included in this course will be an introduction to the use of layers (element layers, layer masks, grouping layers, blending layers and using underlying layers), channels (color and alpha), selections (making, saving and loading), masks (quick masks, saving and editing), color modes, tonal correction (levels and curves), resolution control, file formats, drop shadows, text effects, filters, preparing files for web publication and memory management.3MGDP1205 or instructor approvalMGDP1230View
Photoshop for ArchitectureThis is an advanced course in which students will learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop and how to apply the software in the creation of architectural digital images. Students will be will be involved in hands on supervised projects.4Architectural Drafting and Design program student or architectural industry experience with current working knowledge of computersARCH2920View
PHPA course designed for students who want to build dynamic web sites using the PHP and Perl programming languages. Since PHP and Perl are such rich and task-specific languages, the course covers in depth the most important range of functions and equips delegates to understand the remaining less essential aspects.4CCIS1351 and programming experienceCCIS2630View
Plant BiologyThis course is designed as an overview of the taxonomic and structural characteristics of higher plants. An understanding of plant anatomy, function and growth will be discussed. A lab will be held once a week to give hands on activities with regards to plant structure.4NoneLNDC1242View
Plastic Adhesive and Welding RepairsA plastic repair technician must be able to determine when and how to perform the two-part adhesive repair procedures to various interior and exterior automotive plastic panels. A graduate of this program must be able to understand the composition of plastic materials, how to repair plastic panels and how to select the correct welding technique and materials to make a successful repair.2NoneABCT2185View
Plastic Identification and Repair DecisionWith the increased use of plastics by vehicle manufacturers, technicians and appraisers are making decisions on whether to repair or replace damaged parts. With an understanding of the unique issues involved in deciding to repair or replace a plastic part, the technician will now be able to make the best decision.1NoneABCT2115View
Plastic Pipe ProceduresStudents will study plastic piping, which involves the joining of plastic pipes for water supply, distribution and space heating. Students will become familiar with the different types of plastic pipe, fittings and tubing. Plastic water and heating distribution piping will be discussed and utilized. Safe methods of handling and installing piping in accordance with Minnesota State Plumbing Code and general industry accepted standards will be emphasized.2Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901PLBG1025View
Plastics Engineering Technology InternshipThis course provides students with an internship experience in Plastics. Students are evaluated by predetermined curriculum objectives agreed upon by the employer, instructor and student. The student is expected to interview for and acquire an internship site.4Instructor approvalPLST2300View
Plastics Processes LabThis course is designed for students who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in order to become more proficient in specialized areas of the curriculum. Students will have the ability to direct their efforts, with instructor approval, in curriculum activities that are beyond the current scope of existing courses. This course will cover the basics of Plastics Processes safety as well as the safe use of Injection or Extrusion molding equipment and its startup, operation and shutdown procedures. Dependent on the needs of each individual class, the specific areas of focus will change to meet the needs of the class.1_to_3Instructors approvalPLST1500View
Plumbing CalculationsThis course will apply mathematics to plumbing calculations in developed lengths of pipe, fitting allowances, offsets, area, volumes, diameters, weights and pressures. Students will also use formulas common to the plumbing industry.3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901PLBG1031View