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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
M-Powered InternshipThis 80-hour course provides students with a prescribed on-the-job educational experience in their area of emphasis: CNC (computer numerical control) machine operator, precision metal stamping, quality, research and development lab and manufacturing process. Students receive Performance Achievement Records (PAR's) that outline the curriculum and are evaluated against these predetermined curriculum objectives by the employer.2METS1105 or instructor approvalMETS1150View
Industry Practices and ProceduresThis course will familiarize the learner with a variety of established practices and procedures. This course introduces widely followed environmental procedures prescribe by State and Federal laws. An emphasis on established safety, preventive maintenance and good industrial practices will be experienced throughout this course. A focus on accepted workplace rules, behavior & professionalism, material handling, hand tool identification & proper usage will be discussed. The importance of utilizing emerging computer software and mobile based applications will be highlighted. This course is appropriate for those seeking employment within technical skill fields.3Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR METS1000METS1200View
Engineering Design PrinciplesThis course covers the nature of design, rotary and linear motion components such as: levers, linkages, winches, chain, belt and sprocket drives, gear boxes and electric motors. Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators and limited rotation devices will be discussed. Various applications will be discussed and evaluated during the course. The student will get experience selecting mechanical drive components, bearings, and fasteners from various vendor catalogs. Students will work in teams to develop an assigned project. 3NoneMETS2000View
Statics and Strength of MaterialsThis course will introduce the student to the understanding and applications of applied physics. Items covered will include the use of calculators to solve algebra and trigonometry functions, vectoring equilibrium`s, stress, strain, deformations, moments of inertia and section modules, belt friction, thermal expansion, welded and bolted connections.3Recommended: MATH2050 or MATH2200METS2100View
Manufacturing Engineering Technology InternshipThis course is designed for students who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in order to become more proficient in "work-environment " areas of the curriculum. Students will have the ability to direct their efforts, with instructor approval, in curriculum activities that meet their needs. A `Internship Training Agreement` must be signed by the student, employer and the proper HTC representatives and submitted to the registrar at the time of registration.1_to_16Instructor approvalMETS2800View
Basic DrawingThis course introduces the concepts of basic drawing, one and two point perspective, basic line illustration, freehand drawing, basic form and shading techniques as it applies to design and professional drawing.3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901 and Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT1200MGDP1010View
Fundamentals of Graphic DesignGraphic Design by definition is the applied art of designing any information, thought, idea or message for print or digital media. This course is designed to give the student the skills necessary to realize and value the graphic design industry. Course content includes historical overview, technological advances, common applications, basic design principles, layout and advertising concepts, typographical creativity, common tools and measuring systems. Whether the design is for print, web, or the multimedia, the student will explore the various design concepts that allow a thought, idea or message to be effectively communicated. Hands-on projects, demonstrations, experimentation, and case studies will be used in a positive industry driven learning environment.3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901 and Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT1200MGDP1205View
Graphic Design EssentialsGraphic Design professionals need to learn how to use tools of their trade. This course concentrates on several aspects of those tools: printing and presentation of materials; industry processes of printing and bindery as it pertains to finished printed materials; and color theory for design purposes. The student will learn on how to use the various printers and output devices in the Graphic Design department; use mounting materials and trimming devices for presentation purposes; and various color models which they will apply to their design concepts throughout their coursework.3NoneMGDP1210View
Concepts in CreativityHaving employees who can think creatively is one of the major challenges facing business and industry. This course will enable the student to develop their own creative learning skills. They will be faced with a series of problems and through research and creative exercises come up with their own visual solutions. This course will provide students with the opportunity to discover their own creative strengths.3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901 and Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR CPLT1200MGDP1220View
PhotoshopThis course is designed to give the student basic knowledge and understanding of Adobe Photoshop. The student will be introduced to the operation of tools used in Photoshop. Also included in this course will be an introduction to the use of layers (element layers, layer masks, grouping layers, blending layers and using underlying layers), channels (color and alpha), selections (making, saving and loading), masks (quick masks, saving and editing), color modes, tonal correction (levels and curves), resolution control, file formats, drop shadows, text effects, filters, preparing files for web publication and memory management.3MGDP1205 or instructor approvalMGDP1230View