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Course TitleCourse DescriptionCreditsPrerequisitesCourse NumberCourse Outline
CCNA Specialty FieldsThis course will expose students to three specialty fields associated with the administration of Cisco networks. Topics covered include IPv6 networks, voice networks, and security.3CCIS1431CCIS1490View
Advanced ArboricultureThis course is a continuation of Arboriculture I and is designed to give students a advanced knowledge of the care and recognition of problems facing woody plants in the landscape. Topics covered include: advanced tree pruning, storms and damage, hazard trees, soil remediation, plant appraisal and valuation, trees and the law, commercial use of pesticide injections, and air spade work. The class will discuss the ANSI & MnDOT industry standards for woody plant material and describe the Tree Inspector Certification process through the MN Dept. of Agriculture. Students will also study the defects within trees in which structural integrity may be compromised, as well as recognizing and identifying potentially hazardous trees and defects within trees. Emphasis will be on trees within the urban setting where typical surroundings and conditions will influence best management practices.3LNDC1131LNDC2165View
Industry Practices and ProceduresThis course will familiarize the learner with a variety of established practices and procedures. This course introduces widely followed environmental procedures prescribe by State and Federal laws. An emphasis on established safety, preventive maintenance and good industrial practices will be experienced throughout this course. A focus on accepted workplace rules, behavior & professionalism, material handling, hand tool identification & proper usage will be discussed. The importance of utilizing emerging computer software and mobile based applications will be highlighted. This course is appropriate for those seeking employment within technical skill fields.3Qualifying score on computer literacy assessment test OR METS1000METS1200View
Systematic Medical Device ProtocolThis course introduces students to the concepts, principles and specific requirements regarding Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that strictly regulate how organizations must adhere to a systematic approach to the production of medical devices.3Instructors approvalPLST2030View
Medical Micro-bore Extrusion ProcessThis course introduces students to the concepts, principles and specific requirements regarding Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that strictly regulate how organizations are to produce medical devices as relates to the micro-bore extrusion process.3Instructors approvalPLST2035View
Minnesota State Plumbing Code IStudents will study the Minnesota Plumbing Code, which covers the laws, rules, and regulations of plumbing installed in Minnesota.3Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0901PLBG1035View
Minnesota State Plumbing Code IIStudents will study the Minnesota Plumbing Code which covers the laws, rules and regulations of plumbing installed in Minnesota including plumbing principles, design, materials, traps and fixtures, water supply and drainage, waste and vent systems used in construction, repair and remodeling of buildings.3PLBG1035PLBG1045View
Plumbing Fixture InstallationStudents will study the assembly, installation and repair of various types and styles of plumbing fixtures for residential and commercial buildings. Safe methods of handling, installing and repairing fixtures in accordance with Minnesota State Plumbing Code and general industry accepted standards will be emphasized.3PLBG1035PLBG1050View
Point to Point MachiningThis course will cover the operation of a Point to Point Machining Center. Areas of study will include machine safety,start up, tool set up, programming, and fixturing. The student will manufacture a variety of parts through the entirety of this course.3CBTG1170CBTG2551View
Digital Photography IThis course introduces the art of digital photography, covering various genres in digital photography including nature, portraiture and abstraction. The course also considers composition, perspective, black and white vs. color, light, etc. relative to producing photographs. The focus of the course will be on photography as a fine art, and attention will be given to practical applications within that context. Technical basics, such as equipment purchase and maintenance, camera settings, printing and scanning will also be covered. Finally, the course will ask students to consider the work of important photographers past and present.3NoneARTS2130View