• Class Time: Mostly evenings with some online courses
  • Semester: Summer, Fall or Spring
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park Campus & Eden Prairie Campus
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Get down to business - start your career at Hennepin Technical College! Employment in business can be applied to nearly every interest and discipline, from healthcare to insurance to manufacturing and information technology. Since the exchange of goods and services happens in every corner of the globe, you can take your business skills wherever you want.

So what are your goals? Do you want to work as an entry-level manager or as a business-to-business salesperson? Maybe you want to start your own business! Some students enroll to advance skills with their current employer.

Business courses meet in the evenings at both the Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie campuses. Course delivery method is both blended and online via D2L.


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Labs and Classrooms

Courses offered in the Business Program may be blended (a combination of classroom meetings and online) or all-online. The blended offerings allow students to build relationships and learn directly from faculty and peers while all-online provides for flexibility - learning when it's most convenient for your schedule. Business blended classes are offered in the evenings at both the Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie Campuses. An Annual Course Schedule allows students to see what courses are offered during which semesters for accurate and convenient planning.

Supplies / Tools

College Learning Management System, D2L

Successful participation in the Business Program at Hennepin Technical College requires the learner to utilize the college learning management system, D2L. This means that whether courses are blended or online, all course syllabi, course schedules and weekly content are provided via this online system. In addition, students will be expected to complete most assignments in an electronic format and submit them to the online dropboxes. Assignments will also be graded and feedback provided within this system.

Students will receive instructions on the use and application of D2L at their required Hennepin Technical College Orientation Session.


Textbooks for courses are available in the HTC Bookstore. While some of the texts can occasionally be found online for discounted prices, check with the bookstore first to note the required edition. More importantly, many of the textbooks are ordered to include special online resources from the publisher including videos, assignments and practice exercises that are only available when purchased from the Bookstore.

Know that faculty strives to offer the best value/price to students possible by exploring loose leaf, eBook and bundled offerings from publishers while ensuring the best solution for learning outcomes.

Technology Needs and Resources

  • Microsoft Office (Office 365 available free for enrolled students at MY.HENNEPINTECH)
  • Adobe Reader
  • A media player
  • Speakers and/or headphones

Student Email

Hennepin Technical College provides a e-mail account to all HTC students. Accounts are free. Once the account is set up, you can access it from any computer that has Internet access. You will be able to link your my.hennepintech email to your personal email account for added convenience. Email will be your primary communication with your faculty and fellow students.


Entry Requirements

Placement Testing for Business

Students enrolling at Hennepin Technical College will complete Accuplacer Placement Testing. The purpose of the assessment test is to provide you and the college with information about your current academic skill levels in reading, writing, mathematics, and computer literacy. This will help you select appropriate courses and support services, help you succeed, plan a course of study with your counselor or academic advisor, and have a successful college experience.

Get Started

Minimum Technical Skill Expectations:

  • Using the learning management system, D2L
  • Using email with attachments
  • Creating and submitting files in commonly used word processing program formats
  • Copying and pasting
  • Downloading and installing software
  • Using spreadsheet programs
  • Using presentation and graphics programs

Make sure to check each individual course for potential course prerequisites before registering.

Work Environment

Many business occupations involve working in office environments or retail settings where individuals meet their objectives by collaborating with others. People might be assigned to office cubicles or open evironments with access to the internet. Today's business enviroments are changing and must provide for ever growing demands for flexibility. Technology allows people to work remotely from home or distant locations. Salespeople often work from their cars or wherever their laptops, tablets or cell phones find them. Airports, hotels and coffee shops providing WIFI make it possible for people to conduct business everywhere. Business people need to learn to plan, organize and be able to work with distraction. They need to meet the challenge of balancing home and work life!

Job Outlook / Gainful Employment

There are many career paths in the Business program. According to, growth is expected throughout the business community, especially in management and marketing positions. 

Possible job titles include: Front-Line Supervisor, Assistant Manager, E-Business Associate, Customer Service Manager, Advertising Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Retail Manager, Guest Services Manager, Sales Associate, Account Manager, Professional Salesperson and Sales Manager.

Gainful Employment Disclosure:


According to, careers in Business can start at $24.86 per hour and go up from there, dependent on field and experience.

Potential Job Titles

Front-Line Supervisor, Assistant Manager, E-Business Associate, Customer Service Manager, Advertising Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Retail Manager, Guest Services Manager, Sales Associate, Account Manager, Professional Salesperson, Sales Manager







  • Watch for specific online Business Program courses that have met the standards of Quality Matters. Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. QM is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its scalable, peer-based approach and continuous improvement in online education and student learning.


If you choose to further your education after graduating from HTC, the college has several articulation agreements for you to choose from. Contact the Business program for more information, or see a list of current articulation agreements.

MN Transfer


    The Business faculty at Hennepin Technical College has the education, training and practical business experience to put students on the path to success, whatever their business goals. In their previous roles in management, sales leadership and law, all three instructors bring real-life problems and solutions to the classroom. Meet your faculty members here, and discover what they can add to your learning experience!


The Business program has an advisory committee of professionals in the field of management, sales, and business. The committee reviews the coursework to ensure that the program is covering material needed to be marketable in your field of study. This allows the faculty to continue to offer current materials and technical skill development in each area. 

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