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Hoonuit by Atomic Learning

What is Hoonuit by Atomic Learning?
Free 24/7 online technology training for all HTC students and employees.

How do I login?
Use your StarID username and password.
Hoonuit by Atomic Learning Login

Where can I find Support?
Support is offered in the Student Computer Lab.
Student computer lab

What are the requirements for using Hoonuit by Atomic Learning?
To utilize Atomic Learning resources, you will need a Web browser with 3rd Party Cookies enabled, and either the Flash or QuickTime plugin.

Is Hoonuit by Atomic Learning Learning Accessible?
Hoonuit by Atomic Learning’s website developers and quality assurance department use the WAVE tool from Web Aim in conjunction with the screen readers Jaws and VoiceOver to test the Hoonuit by Atomic Learning website for accessibility and ensure all users are able to successfully use the site. Hoonuit by Atomic Learning also consults users with physical and sensory disabilities to ensure their experience using the Hoonuit by Atomic Learning resources is satisfactory.