M-Powered is a collaborative effort of Hennepin Technical College and HIRED, a Twin Cities workforce development organization. The M-Powered Project offers a career pathway to prepare workers for CNC Mill Technician, CNC Lathe Technician or a career in Precision Metal Stamping.

M-Powered focuses on individuals looking for an exciting manufacturing career as well as men and women already working in manufacturing and seeking advancement.

Participating employers continue to help shape the M-Powered Project’s design and curriculum. In fact, local manufacturers actively advise, monitor and support the course and curriculum and hire program graduates As the demands of the manufacturing industry change, the active participation of a diverse group of manufacturers will assure that the M-Powered Project stays relevant and viable.

M-Powered Partners Map

M-Powered Partner List

Boker's, Inc., is a metal stamping manufacturer of precision metal stampings, washers, spacers and shims.

3104 Snelling Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Website: Bokers, Inc.


For nearly a century, Dayton Rogers has defined engineering and manufacturing in the metal-forming industry. We not only raised the bar, we created it. As pioneers in precision metalforming, Dayton Rogers introduced its vision of excellence in 1929 with a simple commitment - to create solutions that are integral to your success. From metal stamping to welding and sheet metal fabrication, our brilliantly engineered solutions are innovative, affordable and reliable.

8401 West 35W Services Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55449

Website: Dayton Rogers


At EJ Ajax, we believe the greatest threat to American manufacturing companies doesn’t come from unskilled workers outside our borders. Rather, it’s the shortage of highly skilled workers here at home.


EJ Ajax is committed to bringing bright, hardworking newcomers into the metal-stamping industry. We are founding sponsors of M-Powered, a collaborative effort of Hennepin Technical College, the Minnesota Precision Metalforming Association (MPMA) and HIRED, a Twin Cities workforce development organization.


The M-Powered Project begins with a twelve-week session of classroom training. Students learn basic skills such as applied math, measuring, print reading and job safety. Next, participants complete 480 hours of paid on-the-job training. They go back for another twelve-week classroom session to graduate with industry certification.


M-Powered focuses on lower-income job seekers as well as men and women already working in manufacturing and seeking advancement. Our incumbent workers have opportunity to grow based on their interests and additional training and education. An agreement with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry sets wage progressions as employees achieve higher levels of credentials. Participants in the journey-worker training program can double their entry-level wages in five years.

7773 Ranchers Road
Fridley, MN 55432

Website: EJ Ajax

EJ Ajax Video Collection: Precision Metalforming At EJ Ajax, Employee Interviews and More

With 70 years of excellence in manufacturing our team of 200+ dedicated professionals is ready to provide the best solutions to all of your metal stamping
and fabrication needs.

425 Weir Drive
Woodbury, Mn 55125

Website: Harvey Vogel


Marshall Manufacturing is a precision manufacture of Medical device and water filtration components. We produce components in the medical and water filtration industries, using CNC lasers, CNC Swiss lathes, CNC precision bending and robotic equipment.


Marshall Manufacturing is proud to use the latest CNC equipment to produce components for top international Medical and water filtration companies. We are a producer of medical device and water filtration components using the latest CNC equipment (laser cutting and welding - turning - bending). (We utilize 22 cnc machines of different varieties - we doing turning and milling vs forming / stamping)


Currently, we employee about 60 people. Of this, five employees have been through the M powered program, including 3 key employees.


We have been in business for 65 years. We run 3 shifts plus one weekend shift (3 - 12's ).

3820 Chandler Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55421

Website: Marshall Manufacturing


Minnesota Grinding Inc. has delivered precision grinding of machined parts since 1959. Located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, our motto, Exceeding Your Expectations represents our focus on delivering quality solutions, on time. Visit our website to learn mmore of what we do and see the clean, brightly lit air-conditioned shop area.

5400 Douglas Drive N.
Minneapolis, MN 55429

Website: Minnesota Grinding


Morrissey has the in-house engineering, tooling and production team in place for your most complex assemblies and fabrications. We offer a range of custom metal working services, and have a long history of partnering with a diverse range of customers across industries on mission critical parts and components.


The parts that we manufacture and assemble are in use all over the planet, from the battlefield to power plants, and from aircraft to medical devices.

9304 Bryant Ave S
Bloomington, MN 55420

Website: Morrissey


Pellco Machine uses CNC equipment to do all kinds of machining on many different materials. We have extensive experience machining a wide variety of plastics and metals alike.

4185 Mackenzie Court NE, Ste 100
St. Michael, MN 55376

Website: Pellco Machine


At PERBIX, we take great pride in partnering with some of today’s leading innovators, creating machines and processes that have significant impact around the world. And we never forget that our business depends upon our customers’ success.


We aim for excellence not only in our manufacturing and engineering, but in our relationships as well. Our experienced, progressive and motivated teams make doing business with PERBIX a genuine pleasure. That’s one of the reasons some customers have been with us for more than three decades.

9405 Winnetka Ave North
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

Website: Perbix


Founded in 1966, Top Tool Company is a family-held, woman-owned precision metal stamping manufacturer that has built a stellar reputation for exceptional quality, innovation, service and reliability by producing micro components with complex geometries, tight tolerances and thin/ultra-thin materials.

Over the years, this has included components for highly regulated, high-tech industries like medical, defense, energy, electronics and specialty consumer.

Led by owners Al and Elizabeth Abraham, Top Tool provides:

  • Product design assistance and rapid turnaround on prototype components
  • Permanent tooling (including progressive dies)
  • Large-scale production ramp-ups

With our company-wide commitment to quality, state-of-the art technology, ground-breaking innovation and 100% repeatability, Top Tool is your best source for complex precision components.

9304 Bryant Ave S
Bloomington, MN 55420

Website: Top Tool


The M-­Powered program was very effective due to how the program was run in that throughout the enti rety of the program there was collaboration between industry and education via the M -­Powered advisory board. Curriculum development for the program was unique as experts from the industry were able to provide input regarding to what type of skill sets they would want to see in a perspective employee. With this feedback the individuals in education were able to develop a curriculum that was tailored specifically to what was needed by the industry.

Students in the M-­Powered program benefited from a customized curriculum and having access to industry experts in the form of question and answer sessions, job fairs and graduation ceremonies. As a whole the M -­Powered program provided a wonderful opportunity for individuals that were looking to learn a new skill s et or improve their current skill sets in precision manufacturing. On the flip side the precision manufacturing industry was awarded the opportunity to hire individuals that have learned a new set of skills tailored to their needs.
Brian Walli, Co-­Chair, M-­Powered Employer Advisory Board

I interviewed Lucas, Luke and Mike today the M-­Powered grads from last night. These were three of the VERY best graduates I have ever interviewed from the M -­Powered program! I would hire any of them in a second. They all scored above 55 out of 60 possibl e in the PMA Education Foundation Occupational Aptitude and Knowledge Assessment, way above average. All three of these guys interviewed very well, had solid resumes and were very professional. HIRED and HTC are doing a fantastic job with M -­Powered. K eep up the good work, I am truly impressed. Please be sure the entire M -­Powered team sees this message.
Sincerely, Erick Ajax, EJ Ajax and Sons


We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the M -­Powered program. It gave us an opportunity to meet and work with some very quality students that were participating in the program. We also became very knowledgeable about resources available to us as e mployers through our involvement in the program. One of the challenges Entegris continues to have is finding qualified candidates to fill some of our technical positions. This program brought forth ideas and challenged us to think a little differently on how to staff our positions for the future.
Sincerely, Patti Lund, Human Resources Manager, Entegris