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Hennepin Technical College has many courses in Reading and Writing. Whether a person is learning the complex structure of English, went through the U.S. education system, or is somewhere in between. Hennepin Tech has English courses to help students become more proficient in using the English language.

English is something we use every day--and not just spoken English. It is the language of commerce and education in the U.S. It is the common language of newspapers, websites, textbooks, magazines, and pleasure reading. We write emails, reports, and the occasional memo in the workplace. If we are creatively inclined, we write stories, poems, or plays. The English Department at Hennepin Tech addresses these varied aspects of the English language, from developmental skills to advanced college writing.


  • "This was the first class I took where I completely was into it and understood everything! It is great to see that our teacher has such a great passion for writing! That made it very interesting for myself!"

  • "From Writing and Research, to making me a part of the Writing Center, and to Creative Writing, you have really made my experience at HTC much more enriching. I’m not trying to be melodramatic, but you have truly changed my life for the better."

  • "I liked it, that we had time for our assignment in class. I think it was great that our teacher gave us feedback. I learned a lot."

  • "I love this course because it gives me a confidence to write what I want to write, even to communicate with others."

  • "The group activities really helped me learn and made the class fun and kept me interested. The instructor does a great job teaching and making sure the students understand the assignment as well as the lesson we focused on in class."

  • "I really like that we did things in class and in groups. It made me have more fun and it was easier for me to learn what was needed to be learned."


The English Department is comprised of three major areas: Developmental English (900-level); 1000-Level English, which is non-transferable credit; and 2000-level English, which meets the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

*Developmental courses - these cannot be used to satisfy a General Education Requirement.