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Transferology FAQ

What is Transferology?
It is a website that is easy and quick to use, and can answer your questions about whether a course will transfer or not. You can look at courses to take at another college/university to transfer back to HTC, and see how courses you are taking at HTC will transfer to other colleges/universities. Transferology can also give you information about transfer credits for exams and military courses.
It is used by many colleges and universities throughout the US, and is considered a nationwide network. It will help you explore your college transfer options.
How do you use Transferology?
There are video tutorials on the homepage of Transferology that show you how to use it and all of the functions it has. It is pretty quick and easy to learn and to use. Knowing how to use Transferology will help you because you will be able to look up transfer options on your own time, which means answers when you need them.
Is Transferology accurate?
Yes, it is accurate! Transferology updates regularly with the information that colleges and universities update on their systems. This means it is constantly updating as we making changes to our databases about transfer credits.
How do you read the results?

When you get the results of your search, you will see a link that says "expand all notes" to the right of your results. If you click on that, it will expand and show the explanation of what the results mean. In general, here is what the results mean:

If you see TRANT, it means that the course/exam you input has not been reviewed for transfer credits yet to see whether or not the course/exam transfers. To have a course reviewed for transfer credits, send a course syllabus or outline to the transfer specialists and they will work with faculty to have the course evaluated for transfer credits. If you need an exam evaluated for credits, contact the transfer specialists.

If you see a department abbreviation followed by t***, that generally means it transfers as a general elective and may also count towards the Minnesota Transer Curriculum as a goal area. For example, if you took an English 1000 course and see a result such as this ENGL1000 > ENGLT***, it means that the English 1000 course you took is equivalent to a general elective course. Expand the results to see if it meets goal areas of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. If it does, the goal area(s) will be listed.

If you see a specific course listed, it means that the course you are transferring is a direct match to a course offered at the place you want to transfer the course to. For example, let's say you see this: ENGL1000 > ENGL1050. That means that the English 1000 course you took is equal to the English 1050 course at the college/university you want to transfer the course to.

How do I get to Transferology?
Visit the Transferology website.