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Nursing grad pursues mental health career

Nursing graduate holds diploma

Brooklyn Park, May 24, 2022 – In the Practical Nursing program, students are often seen on campus in study groups and demonstrate their support for each other during hands-on learning labs. On graduation day in 2022, graduate Leslie Orobosa, who earned academic honors, described the team spirit in nursing and her career plans.

Hennepin Tech:  You are wearing a gold medal on graduation day – which means you earned a 4.0 grade point average – congratulations!

Oroboso: I didn’t even know I had that GPA. It was a surprise to me.

Hennepin Tech: What was your favorite memory?

Oroboso: My favorite memory was our teamwork. We had a big study group before a test and it was really nice to see everyone come together in the library. We were there all day just getting it done, trying to get the material in, We were knocking ideas off of each other and explaining to each other why each answer was right.

Hennepin Tech: Can you describe your challenges?

Oroboso: A lot of tears! It was hard worrying about grades and being successful. Had to commit to studying and not being able to work. There were a lot of factors going on outside of work.

Hennepin Tech: Many grads are thanking friends and family. Is there anyone you want to thank?

Oroboso:  I want to thank my mom, brother, boyfriend and all my amazing classmates. My classmates are my right-hand women.

Hennepin Tech: Like many graduates here today, you already have a job in your field of study. Why did you select a career in mental health?

Oroboso:  Mental health work will be rewarding. There’s so much stigma around it. I’m excited to be part of it. Growing up, I thought I wanted to be a psychologist. Being a nurse, I know I can also care for people. When I needed to think about a specialty in nursing, Mental health was my first choice.

Hennepin Tech:  You sent a heartfelt email to the director of nursing at Hennepin Tech. What did you share with her?

Oroboso: The faculty truly believed in all of us. I have felt supported this whole journey by everyone at Hennepin Tech which contributed to me trying my best in the program. I'm honestly so blessed and grateful this is how it worked out.

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