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Alumnus reflects on his career in Auto Body Collision field

Alumni Dan Larson

Brooklyn Park, May 5, 2023 – Dan Larson helps people launch their careers into the auto body collision repair and auto technician fields. Recently he visited the Hennepin Tech campus to recruit students to work for his employer, Caliber Collision.

Larson doesn’t just hire students, he dedicates his time to helping students develop their skills. For Auto Body Collision repair, he is a leader with SkillsUSA, a state and national competition for technical students to test their skills in their field of study. In addition, he assists Hennepin Tech with its Auto Body Collision program.

Larson is an alumnus of Hennepin Tech’s Fluid Power program. He shared his thoughts on the skilled trades and his career path.

Hennepin Tech: You now work in auto body collision repair however you took classes in Fluid Power at Hennepin Tech. Did Fluid Power help your transportation career?

Larson: Yes, it helped my problem-solving and gave me a background in math. There’s lots of numbers involved with is very relevant. It further developed my love for engineering. Engineering is fundamental to many everyday problems.

Hennepin Tech: Why did you select auto body collision repair for your career?

Larson: I was with this company since age 14. I went into this career because I’m a car guy. When I go home from work, I work on cars. My hands are constantly cut up.

Hennepin Tech: Some people might not be aware of the Advisory Boards – which is a group of professionals in an industry who provide input on the curriculum at Hennepin Tech. You serve on an Advisory Board and we truly thank you.

Larson: It’s super important for the colleges to know what is going on in industry. As a member of the Advisory Board, it’s an opportunity to help shape the program. It’s great to be involved with the college and help out – and even helping with equipment needs. I have hired students who have graduated from Hennepin Tech. I appreciate that they have great fundamentals.

Hennepin Tech: Appreciation for the skilled trades is growing. But is sounds like you’d like to see more love for the trades.

Larson: It’s a great field to go into. It’s not going anywhere. We need people to fix cars. Yes, the trades need to be promoted more.

Hennepin Tech: You are a Regional Manager. Your career is a great example of how entering the skilled trades and doing what you love – will allow you to advance in your career.

Larson: I love everything about what I do. As a Regional Manager, I get to watch people develop. I can advise them and even be a life coach, at times. Recently I had a team member who bought their first home and I see them with the “sold” sign on social media and they gave a shout-out to me. There’s nothing more rewarding.

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