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Drew Goddard named Outstanding Educator of the Year

Faculty Drew Goddard

Brooklyn Park, June 27, 2023 – The Minnesota State Transportation Center for Excellence has named Drew Goddard, faculty, Hennepin Technical College as Outstanding Educator of the Year.

This award celebrates educational and instructional excellence in the field of transportation teaching and learning. Goddard is a highly experienced Ford ASSET instructor at Hennepin Technical College. With a remarkable tenure spanning from 1997 to the present, he has dedicated his career to educating and shaping the next generation of automotive technicians.

Goddard’s journey in the automotive industry began in 1987 when he joined the Ford ASSET program. He gained valuable hands-on experience as a drivability/electrical technician for ten years at two Lincoln/Mercury dealerships. His extensive expertise and passion for the field led him to become a Ford Senior Master certified and ASE Master certified professional.

In 1997, Goddard achieved a significant milestone in his career by becoming the first Ford ASSET graduate to transition into an instructor role within the program. Over the course of the past 26 years, he has taught a wide range of subjects in the Ford service curriculum, including electric and diesel technology. His comprehensive knowledge and dedication to staying updated with the latest advancements have made him an invaluable asset to the students he mentors.

Goddard’s commitment to excellence and outstanding contributions to education have not gone unnoticed. He was honored with nominations for the Board of Trustees Outstanding Educators in both 2008 and 2010, further cementing his reputation as an exceptional instructor.

With his combination of real-world experience, extensive certifications, and decades of teaching experience, Goddard continues to inspire and educate aspiring automotive technicians at Hennepin Tech, ensuring they are well-equipped for successful careers in the automotive industry

Beyond his professional pursuits, Goddard finds joy and relaxation in various activities. He enjoys ice fishing, motorcycling, and the company of his beloved dogs and friends.

With his wealth of real-world experience, extensive certifications, and decades of teaching expertise, Goddard continues to inspire and educate aspiring automotive technicians at Hennepin Technical College. Through his guidance and mentorship, he ensures that his students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for successful careers in the dynamic automotive industry.

About Hennepin Technical College
Founded in 1972, Hennepin Technical College is the largest stand-alone technical college in Minnesota. With campuses in Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie, the college offers degree and non-degree courses in over 40 programs. Achieving a high job placement rate, Hennepin Tech prepares students for in-demand and high-paying employment opportunities.

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